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Then there is any benefit??”

Lin Yu is also a matter of understanding Xu Ruzhen.。
“You have changed so young,So beautiful, what is the benefits??
And you said before, as long as I mention it, you can do it.,You will not refuse.!”
Be said this by Xu Ruzhen,Lin Yu, really don’t know what to go back.。
“Ok,Ok,Promise you,I really didn’t take it.,First accompany me to buy underwear,Then I sent you back,How about it?”
“I see you is that no one will accompany you in the Spring Festival.,So if you are lonely, you want to find someone.?”
Since Xu Ru, I broke out.,Lin Yugu has not continued to refute。
But laugh:“Row,What you said is,That change, let us go.?”
soon,Two women are also dressed up,At a moment of going out, it is a great job of neighbor.。
He even has a kind of feeling that two women are not human people.,Is a fairy。
All the way,Lin Yuru, is always the cold face,But this is the cold face of ice, but it has attracted countless turning ratios.。
Xu Ruzhen is even more,When I was with Li Hui with the wind,What she has not felt?,Now with Lin Yushu,She is suddenly a little uncomfortable.。
soon,Lin Yurui is also a simple choice of underwear with Xu Ruzhen.,Fathway, take it along the lotus village,Even if I go back and I haven’t going back.。
Take out the county town,Lin Yucai is relieved。
And Xu Ruzhen is also the case。
“I suddenly found that it is not a good thing.,Just now, your turn is too high.,Let me have a feeling of fear of people.。”
For Xu Ruzhen,Lin Yuru listens to it very happy,But the same thing she thought before, was afraid.。
Because in those people’s eyes,She even found a few eyes with strong aggressive,I can feel that I have fallen.,The few people will make some uniusions。
“Oh, let’s go.,Mainly because you are with me, it is good.,You think that they are just me.?
Among them, you also attract half of the firepower.。”
“I have a flower, but I have a master.,Not afraid of these,It’s you,But be careful.。”
All the way,Two women talk about smiling。
Go to the town,Lin Yu is remembered that there is no gift,I immediately got off the bus and bought a few bottles of wine.。
Under the command of Xu Ruzhen,Directly came to the orchard。
Two women stop,Just got off the bus, I saw the homoa of the yard.,At the same time, the meat is also clear.。
Li Hui has come back in the morning.,At the same time, I also discussed my parents.,The dumplings in the evening are not together.,Because Li Hui’s relatives in the house are not in the village,Therefore, the Chinese matter of the New Year, Li Hui Hui is generally walking away.。
This year, he is ready to go to Zhao Xiaoli’s home and the village is long.,After all, so many people in the village are he sinful.。
Great New Year’s goal,I always feel that I can’t find it.。
Xu Ruzhen and Lin Xingru took the wine, it was directly entering the yard.。
Entered the yard,Lin Yuru, the cold face, showed a surprise,Turn the color of the face and excitement。
This makes Xu Ruzhen with Li Hui’s wind.。
Li Hui, who has thought about Lin Yu, such as this iceberg, more than the day before。
But I didn’t expect it to go back.。
The slender jade leg is wearing a knee boots,Hollow sweater,With a short pants, it is very fashionable.。
Naked out of the jade legs wearing warm stockings,Giving unlimited imagination。
Long big windbreaker,It is even more improving the icy temperament.。
The beautiful face even in this winter day,Also give people a way to see the impulse。