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The expression of Jingxuan is not stressed.:“……”

He can’t watch,Previous step forward:“High-altitude,What do you mean??My brother is so good to praise you.,You talk so much.?”
“The truth should also tell people with understanding.。”
Advisor,Kill four squares,“How can I praise me?,Sword, this person is not worth pronouncement.?”
He nodded,A pair of understanding:“It turns out that the way of this Haizong’s hospitality,Learned——Also shackled。”
He speaks deeply,The expression looks very much like the horse to rush and the consultant is attributed.,Full of impulsive angry and resentment。
The scenery stretches the heart to death at the critical moment.,Trying to extrud out a smile from the lips,When I contact the consultant, I learned that this trick is absolutely useless when I look at this person.,Rope『sex』Cold face,A sentence to the congratulations:“Don’t have this kind of thing。”
Consultant, the roots are too lazy to take this sentence,His eyes seem to be unintentionally rushing from 裴 星,Didn’t find that this person has to participate in the intention,Slightly disappointed:Originally『sex』Take these three people who are unresolved by 枝 不 不,Pity。
certainly,These three people,Yan Feng Star is indeed smarter.。
At this moment。
裴 裴 星 不动动『color』Stand with this scene of three people,On the side, I looked at the face and there were some embarrassments or anger.,Trial:“The words of the scene,It seems that it is really uncomfortable。”
枝 不 不 地 地 地:“what。”
Others don’t know,Her wearing a book is still unknown to the pendant of the scenery.?Of course, you can get used to a son.『sex』Bring the meaning of the meaning。
If you think about it, if you think about it?:
It seems that the weakness of the appearance cannot be able to cope with all the situation.,Appropriate table『dew』Attack『sex』Not bad。
She probably likes。
The second floor leads to the third layer and the previous is not the same,The scenery of the week gradually faded『color』、Flourish,Like someone, it is gradually applying this side to a pure white.。
枝 趁 小 小 小 小 小『force』『force』:“You look at the scene,Why?”
Adviser is not already seen in the essence of Jingjing。
She is really curious!
Who knows consultant:“Who don’t look awkward?。”
OK,Very strong。
Don’t care about you。
Advisor is certainly impossible to say truth:Jingxi is too paying attention to branches,Really annoying。
And he is not a falsehood,In addition to branches,Everyone in the field is not pleasing to the eye——This identity of him now,High-altitude。
Since the scenery has been made in the second layer of the first layer『Hold』do,Leading him and 枝 such a yin 阳 差 进 进 另,When entering the third layer,A pattern of five people。
The third layer does not need to move the sword,for“pregnancy”。 Dead,Go back。
Dead fear,And there is also suffering,Have more obvious。
Monk, the body of the martial art,Then the dust is suffering、Easy,Need to overcome one by one。