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The face of Liuhe Mountain has a high-minded smile,“After the location,You are completely free,The only thing to do,Waiting,Waiting for the jun。”

Summer is not abolished,“Thunder,I can see him.。”
The smile on the face of Liuhe Mountain is even more,“In the middle of the market,In addition to a limited number of people,No one knows my existence,And where you go,It’s all flying in the year.。
If you count,Thunder is also the owner there?。”
Toned,He also,“Summer,I know that you have an angry in your heart.,But I don’t think it is necessary.,Moreover,Thunder is not good,He soaked in the goddess for half a month,At least the strength。”
Summer blinking,“God liquid is true?”
Put in this way,Liuhe Mountain’s face is coming out of proud color,“God liquid is of course true,But……Just a test agent,Also true,You are fighting with Nanxi,I should feel it.。”
“God flu?”
Liuhe Mountain first is nodded,Continuously,“So many people,Only her one persisted,Completed transformation,Surface looks,She is an ordinary person,No endlessness and gas,But itself,I have reached an incredible state。”
He looks straight to the summer,Also,“Deng Yufei,I remember she insisted that it was twelve days.,You should also fight with her,Do you think she has more?”
“至 罡 中。”
Summer is sinking,“As for Mrs. Nancy,If it is from the system,Already able to compare with the emperor。”
“Yes,Unfortunately so many years,There is only one of her。”
Liuhe Mountain sighed,Anxiety,“but,People like Deng Yufei,There are still a lot of,Very much,Thunder adheres to fifteen days,His strength also went up,Solid that the compensation of our cooperation this time,How do you think?”
“Not reason。”
Summer smiling,I deeply looked at the king of death.,“I think the Thunder will kill him.,If the Thunder is willing,I don’t mind。”
Death king laughs,It doesn’t matter。
He didn’t pick up,But the Liuhe Mountain Road,“Master,In addition to the core staff,I don’t know the route at all.,And come over,Have you ever。”
Toned,He considers tone,“All the guests we have received this time,It is also all in the plane.,And the aircraft will also close the window in the way,No one knows the way。”
Merely,He looked to Liuhe Mountain,“I plan to circulate a line chart.,Otherwise,I am afraid that I can’t find it.。”
Liuhe Mountain shakes his head,“That’s too deliberate,You don’t understand Jun Lin,As long as there is a vulnerability,He will doubt。”
Toned,Laugh,“You have sent so many invitations,If he wants to come,Waiting for the way,I am right.,Summer。”
I watched him in the summer.,Do not speak。
……After eating,Summer return to the lounge,Be sleepy。
They come, the security。
I want to think about everything now.。
And Liuhe Mountain has not given a redundant choice。
Time is a little bit。
After a few hours,Summer is once again notified by flight attendants again to see Liuhe Mountain。