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52Years old woman。
That is2During the Spring Festival before the year ago,At the time, she found me.,I am uncomfortable with me.,Especially often dizzy,Chest tightness。
How is a chest tightness??I ask her。
Just think that the chest is uncomfortable,I often feel that it is not enough.。She frowning。Our song and dance team(The song and dance team in the village)I haven’t participated in the event.,Physical strength。
I can see her very passionate dance.(Square dance),Trend is also more fashionable,Lipstick。
General chest tightness、Dizziness, we first consider being a heart、Pulmonary problem,Especially those with heart disease,Due to cardiac pump dysfunction,Every time heartbeat can’t pump enough blood,Brain ischemia、Myocardial ischemia,Patient will feel dizzy,Severe will be black,There will be uncomfortable chest,Performance as chest tightness and even chest pain,This is the sage of myocardial ischemia。
I asked her to do an electrocardiogram.、Is the heart color ultrasound?。She said that she did not have done,Only do an electrocardiogram,ECG has no problem,The doctor said。
Just there is a stethoscope in my house,I took it out and gave her simple listening.,Indeed no significant abnormality。Especially pay attention to the ausculture,No obvious noise,The rhythm is also normal,Unlike a arrhythmia、Severe valve disease, etc.。
Is there any occasional heartbeat very fast?、The heart is suspended(Partial arrhythmia)?I ask her。
She recalls it a little.,It seems that sometimes there is something,But not obvious。
I am very regularly listening to your heart.,No arrhythmia,But does not mean that you really don’t have arrhythmia,Although you have done an ECG.,Does not mean that you have always been normal,It is best to do one24Hour dynamic electrocardiogram,That is, carrying a dynamic electrocardiogram box,24Hourly make an electrocardiogram in continuous disconnection,If this24You have arrhythmia in the hour.,Then it will be recorded,Conductively diagnose。I explain it to her.。
If24Hour does not attack??She puts forward。
Be asked,I laughed.,Said that many people do it once24The hourly dynamic electrocardiogram can’t catch arrhythmia,Can’t diagnose,May have2Second-rate3Supreme or even more,The more the probability you caught, the greater。Sometimes doctors will suggest that patients have further electrophysiological examination,Stimulating heart,See if you can induce arrhythmia,For diagnosis。
Find a chance to go to the hospital to do a check.,Take a look at the medical concern,How do people think about people?。I suggest she。
correct,I also make a chestCT。She tells me。
what’s the result?I ask her。
The doctor said there are several small nodules.,Very small,Do you want it??Will not cause my current dizziness、Chest tightness?She is worried about her face,Originalize makeup should be radiant,She is not。Disease is really destroyed。
After finishing her, I gave me a film.,There are a few small nodules in the lungs.,I am straightforward, telling her.,This is not in trouble,It is impossible to cause you dizzy.、Chest tightness。
Generally, more obvious lung disease,Such as obvious pneumonia、Lung cancer、Lung、pneumothorax、Thoracic fluid, etc. will lead to chest tightness、Dizziness,You have faded up the wind and waves.,But pay attention to review,Doctors will suggest you review once a year.,Look at the nodules will not grow up。I say。
Yes,The doctor also called me to review.。
How is the usual physical strength??I ask her。Mainly wants to further assess her heart lung function。If the physical strength is very poor,Can’t compete for physical activity or even daily life,Cardi-lung function is generally poor。If the physical strength is very good,Dramless exercise can cope with,The heart and lung function is certainly no problem.。
She said that I am a song and dance team.,Previous physical strength is very good,But the physical strength of these two years is obvious.,Now I feel that I will feel some of the gas enough.,Even sometimes driving motorcycles,It’s not breathing that the wind blows face.。She looked at me.,Endless expectations in the eyes,I hope I can solve her problems right away.。
Originally she has dizzy,I also want to see if there is a central nervous system(Such as cerebrovascular disease、Brain tumor, etc.)Or the problem of peripheral nerves such as Meni disease,But now she said that she is so bad.,Then I basically don’t think about those problems.。Generally,Even if the head is tumor,It will cause dizziness,Not causing a lot of physical strength。
I used to be the first row of the middle position(LegendaryCPosition),I can only stand on one side now.,I am too lazy to see this half year.,I can’t keep it.。She seems to be lost when she said this sentence.。
She is such a bad physical strength,I think it is a heart、The problem of the lungs。
It is necessary to suggest that she will further be a heart color ultrasound or other related heart special examinations.,My thoughts are like this。In case she has myocardial diseases、Coronary heart disease, etc.,I accidentally misdiagnosed.。Don’t think all coronary heart disease、Acute myocardial infarction is chest pain,Many people are chest tightness、Dizziness,Even just weak、Physical。
And my nails,look,Really disease, find the door,Various diseases will be wrapped in you、bully you。She stretches her hand,Give me a look at her nails。
I used to nails very beautiful.,Don’t need nail。This year, my nail is ugly in this year.,Very easy to crack,One layer of falling off,Nothing is gone,Do you say this is related to my heart??I have seen some Toiro,Said that I have insufficient blood,So the reaction is the same as the dry wooden branch on the nail.。
She said while touching her poor nails,10Finger’s fingernails are very boring,Colorless,Pit,Vulnerable。
See this scene,I finally realized.!
Such poor nails,It is easy for me to think of skin nail disease,For example, what do you?,But I am not dermatologist,I don’t know much about it.。What I first thought of is another disease.。
Iron deficiency!
I have seen the nail of the iron deficiency patient,This is too like。Iron too important。Human body is not iron,Iron deficiency can cause many organizational organs to change,Iron deficiency, especially the mucosal tissue。
If children can cause growth and development、low IQ,Ordinary people will also cause stomatitis、Hague crack, etc.,Hair will also become dry and easy to fall off,Skin will also dry colorless,Especially nails(Including toenail)Will lack gloss、Crispy,Severe manic nails have no curvature,Even concave,Just like a spoon,We are called a spoonful。
This woman is so poor nails in front of you.,Let me think of iron deficiency。
And iron deficiency will lead to iron deficiency anemia.!
Hypoxia。This may be weak in itself、Merry burnout、Dizziness、headache、tinnitus、Palpitate、Short of breath、Appetite。