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NS143chapter Chapter 143 I want to kill him

NS143chapter Chapter 143 I want to kill him
Whenever she is in a rumor, Xiao Xiao is always exception, She is completely leaving Xiao Testament, and the situation will start cycle again.,Once she is hurt, this reaction will expand。
Xiao Yao regrets is not unable to be in one,But I can’t protect her.。
This conclusion is……阮 枝 哑 无 言。
Even if Xiao Yao did not speak, But his expression has explained the answer。
枝 松 气——This is finally guessed, I don’t guess it, I will not have something wrong.。
“No need to protect。”
Yan Zhi climbed his arm, Like anti-his storm,It’s still afraid that he collapsed.,“Xiao Jo,it is good,What is not。”
She looked at him in a mistake.,Urgent and cautious eyes are full of stars,As if“You look carefully to the present”。
Xiao Yao’s face is moving in the gods『color』, Tight lips loose, See what you want to say,The face that is about to be broken on the face will return to the original look.:“by,Are you trying to protect you?, I found a warm teacher to play this out.?”
枝 孔 地震:
I have to see you all wake up.,How to be pulled back?!
“I am not important now.。”
Yan Zhi stands straight to the body, The hands of the hands of Xiao Jie grinned, “What you have to do is clear security、No one bully, I don’t need to be regretted in order not to protect it.。”
Although she doesn’t know when is it?、For what,Xiao Jie felt that she was missing., But in turn, she is not right.。
Xiao Yu is sleepy『Confuse』Not:“What’s wrong with you?”
She firmly stared in Xiao Yao several seconds,Deep breath, Mover,Prepare to catch Xiao Yao’s back shoulders let him awake;However, the height is not enough,Can only step down to grasp the upper arm of Xiao Yao, Qi,Call the road in fullness:“Xiao Jo,Wake up!”
Xiao Jo:“?”
Not far from the temperature derivation:“?”
Is it a hurt that Yan Shi is hurt because Xiao Shi’s disconfusion?
Yan Zhi didn’t want to drag again,She is hard to get the correct answer,I can’t break the mirror immediately。She is staring at Xiao Jo’s eyes, not just the hot burning.,Still a few uneasy expectations,Since the tone is extraordinary,Powerful:“No matter which specific thing you are for,Everything is already unreasonable,You are willing to die in the past、Did you die in this false??”
“——Also let it die here??”
Xiao Johi is sharply slaird.,He immediately closed his eyes,『dew』Overwhelming painful expression。The hands are not held by 枝,He may play with his hand first.。
He is touched by 竹,Another appearance in the mirror is broken one corner。
In the brain, you can’t take a heart.:Here is absolutely safe,He can live in this peace with Yan Zhi,Don’t hurt her。
“Xiao Jo!”
Yan Branch stared at his expression change,Don’t dare to half a mush,I missed his shake and call him loudly.,I hope that his will wake up。
This is for the mirror of Xiao Yao.,His self-conscious awakening is the only broken mirror method。
No one has noticed the black gas of the 枝 sleeves,Silk
NS143chapter Chapter 143 I want to kill him
缕 缕 散 in the air,Persevere。
People in the same place。
In the opposite tree, the back and right to turn around and turned to see the temperature derivative of the half-day drama.,Trembling『Insert』talk:“Dare to ask two this is what is going on??If you have changed a new play.……Tasting?”
Xiao Jo:“……”
An inexplicable atmosphere of a touch-hit is interrupted。
竹 松 has opened his hands,Seems,Kiss is still firm、Clear:“We can’t always be trapped here until dead,Xiao Jo。”