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“Just tell this thing,Miss Xiao Jiaxun will be married later.。”

Xiaojia’s forces,Even if the three ladies have a bad reputation, you can marry.,But it can’t be better than before.。
Han Jiang thought a little,Say:“All right,How is you better??”
Zhou Zen’s eyebrows,Waist Sword is taken on the table,“As long as you agree with me than one,Rule time。”
Xiao Yun retired one side,as big as World, nothing is nonexistent,What kind of people have,She now look at this Zhou Zen and Hanjiang how to fight.。
“That line,Title, I fixed,That is how?”Han Rong said。
Zhou Zen is something that I don’t understand,“How?”
“so。”Han Jiang moved the desk of the wall,Put your arm on the desktop:“The condition of Xiao Jiaguan is Ju Ding,That is。”
“I have no venue for us.,Simpler than,I really hit the kung fu, etc.,Ok?”
Zhou Zen is ideal,He is the indigenous of this world.,Thoughts, even if you dance, you will die.。
Xiao Jia as a local name,Central Plains,It is not the ugly thing in the family.,Want to make a better than this Hanjiang,I can only try it first.。
Zhou Zen walks to the other side of the table,Hold the right hand of Hanjiang。
Han Jiang also pinching the pen washing in the room,Say:“I will give this pen.,We simultaneously use it when it landed.,Who will press the other party to press the desktop?。”
“Then preparing!”
Two people are right at the same time,Han Rong feels that the palm is never smashed.,Then put the porcelain products in your hand,When the pen was broken, the two were at the same time.。
Start the two people first,Han Jiang smile starts power。
After the power is soaring,Hey, wrist, you can still be afraid of him.?
Just fighting,Zhou Zen is obviously not Hanjiang’s opponent,Start with the power of Hanjiang to be bent slightly。
Xiao Yun is not interested in two people.,A pair of bright eyes stared at Hanjiang。
In the initial world, Xiao Yun’s consciousness is still seal.,Just a simple teenage girl。
In the current world bubble,Xiao Yun is a complete existence,She is observing the strength of Hanjiang。
The time flow rate in the sea of quantum is not set,She doesn’t know how long the real world has,In short, compared with the previous one,Han Jiang’s strength has improved a lot。
Single from the energy contained in the body,The world’s weak and chicken in the world’s bubble,I can see it now.。
“Enroll,It’s just that you are not my opponent.。”Han Jiang began to strengthen,If you think about it, you will be fine.。
Zhou Zen,“You don’t specify just more than brute!”
next moment,Zhou Zen starts to run the exercise,The strength of the body began to run,Chrysan automatic hair in a closed room,Once again, Hanjiang will hold the Hanjiang’s hand back to the original position and even downward pressure.。
Han Jiang received a despise,Start aggravation,This power is far from reaching his limit。
After initial test,The two officially started。
Xiao Yun, a pair of eyes, slightly,Nothing in the world bubble is not limited to the talent,They can also grow into strong people with the field
After all, there is no foreign man.,It’s rushing against collapse.。
Han Jiang was confused,It seems that only simple power is more than the Zhou Zhi, which is more than a practice.。
Since the other party is active,Han Jiang is welcome。
No matter whether it is the heart of the fist, it is too diffused.,Both Fuhua personally created,Discuss,These two doors are the source of all China。
Han Jiang began to strengthen,Gradually re-retrafying the original position,Zhou Zen does not accept the power again。