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“Thirty six!”
“Eighty Seven。。Unexpectedly their husband and wife are here!”
A hint of surprise flashed in the eyes of the god of the world of sprites。
Eighty Seven World Gods,Five of them are the pinnacles of the world,I have checked 30 people in the world of Consummation,This has exceeded his expectations。
“Blood Lotus Demon Lord。。He is dead!”
First39chapter Layout,Disaster strikes?
Among the Three Realms,In a hole in the sky。
“Roar~”Countless insects and beasts roared one after another。
《Nine Solutions》,The core is the nine forms of insects and beasts,It can also be called nine phases and nine pulses。
Any pulse,In the end, they all pointed to a kind of insects that can rival the gods of the world.,If nine can be one,Can cultivate insects and beasts that are completely comparable to the strength of the world gods。
Theoretically,use《Nine Solutions》Cultivating insects and animals,Will eventually evolve into one of the nine phases。
Even if Li Ming split some thoughts to cultivate insects and beasts,It’s impossible to include the nine veins,After all, studying insects and beasts is just training some subordinates。
His main research,But‘Dragon and snake’with‘Rock and mountain facies’,Cultivated insects and beasts tend to be in the form of dragons, snakes or rock life。
And the insects that stay in the Three Realms,Lack of training‘Dragon and snake’resource of,Mainly a beast with an individual covering a rock。
Although the rock worm is a bit stupid,But powerful,Strong defense。