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To be precise,Actually, Wang Teng didn’t feel any problems with these at all。

And Wei Zhonglei,In fact, I still have a hint of fantasy in my heart。
“Hurry up,What are you guys doing?,Don’t hurry up for me?”
When Wei Zhonglei was talking here,By his side,Others see here,It’s completely eager to try。
Even when these people look,Next,How to deal with these problems。
Actually just these,It’s already obvious。
And see here,Wei Zhonglei’s face,It brings a faint smile。
Let’s not talk about other things for now,But here,Wei Zhonglei clenched his fists。
“you all,What are you doing??”
“In this case,Then don’t you hurry up and solve this problem for me!”
When Wei Zhonglei saw this,Wei Zhonglei never forgets to face him,Said unceremoniously。
With Wei Zhonglei’s words finished,Those people around saw it,Even desperate to start planning to shoot。
slowly,Fall in front of。
At this moment,Wang Teng looked at this scene。
I just watched,Wang Teng laughed suddenly。