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可是当加坦杰厄苏醒的那一刻,All the fortune effect is swallowed,Become the sacrifice of the Yuechuan Dragon。
Tsunami,Already started。
But no one knows this,There are no relevant agencies issued a warning,Otherwise, the ship will not continue to sail like now.。
Kohumang stands alone on the deck of the bow,It’s like a whole area。
He welcomes the windy darkness,Listening to the soul of the world,Like it coming to the ancient battlefield。
Tonight,No star,The Dragon Palace has never fallen into the darkness like today.,There is only a weak boat, floating on the sea.,Like a whale cub with the ethnic group。
Sea breeze,Roll up the clothing of the science。
He looked at the distance,Like the enemy that is invisible to confrontation。
Inside the cabin in the deck,A big nest is outside the door,Slowing the situation on the deck,Before and after front12personal,Focus on the area of a small window。
“Hey,What is the situation inside??Famous Jun should not think that it is not allowed to jump in the sea.?”Xiong Ye turned on the head of Qingdao Deer。
“Stupid,Even if he really wants to jump,It is also waiting until tomorrow’s deblred bureau lost it.。”Eagle beauty calm analysis。
“You have two crow mouth to make me a mouth.!If he is really jumping tomorrow.,You also jumped to me two.!”Qingdao deer said。
“Dragon,What you say,Isn’t it equal to the default Mr. Tianguo lost??Like this,You have to jump it.。”
Qingdao deer is more:“This is jumping!you、We can’t run one.!”
Say,She doesn’t look at it.。
“Sure enough, the Yinchuan is too difficult to deal with it.,Even super genius like Kohuma,You can’t take it away in one bird.。”Phase hunger bite the lips。
Bamboo knife can not see it next to it.,Say:“You said you,Why are you doing here?,I want to encourage him to do it directly.,来,I am going to fight。”
He is going to,But by Cheng Tian Junzhi.:“Trouble, you read the air.,Is this what we should do??It is also the same.!”
笹 笹 点 头 头,I feel encouragement to encourage,But also pay attention to a successful order。