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this matter,He did not expect it completely。

How is the end of the end,Will suddenly become like this。
But now,Urgent,It seems not to ponder these times。
As for next,How should I solve these things?,It is a top priority,Most important。
so,When the sight of Situ,The eyes are dead and dead。
“this matter,Who is dry。”
To know,There,But his Situ Zhuo’s most beloved daughter。
So in any case,Situ Zhuo definitely can’t give this good break。
His Situ Zhuo needed,It is a given this person.。
I think of here,Situ Zhuo’s eyes,It is even more showing a murder.。
Another thing is aunt and temporarily say something,But this thing,Exactly,Still, it is necessary to speed up the speed to handle the drop.。
if not,Continue now to delay it,Isn’t it a waste of time??
Situ for his eyes,This must be fast。
And the Situ Zhuo,A hand saw,The next consciousness。
“Housekeeper,Rumored,This thing is Shen Xuan。”
what,Shen Xuan?
Know this news,Situ Zhuo’s face is very ugly。
actually,Situ Zhuo is not willing to go so much。
After all, this Shenxuan,But the people in Situ Zhuo。
so,If possible,In fact, the company is not hoped.,Shen Xuan will make such a thing。
but,If this is really related to Shen Xuan,So, in any case,Also can’t stand by。
This is thinking of this in the heart of Situ.,People who look around,Asked directly。
“this matter,Can it be determined??”
As Situ is good,people around me,It is more important。
“Housekeeper,Can be determined,It is Shen Xuan。”
what,Actually really Shen Xuan?
Division is thinking of,I can’t help but anger.。
did not think of,All this is actually true.。
but,If all this is like this,So now,Situomen will want to solve this matter to solve this matter.。
I think of these in my heart.,This,Situ is looking at it, looking at the eye。
Another thing is aunt and temporarily say something,But now,In fact, there is still this necessary,Come to solve these things quickly。
Think of these,Situ Zhuo out mobile phone,I have played a phone call.。
Call,Situra is directly questioned:“Shen Xuan,My daughter has an accident.,do you know?”
This,It is a little inexplicable.。
“Situ master,What is your daughter??”