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“Night,What do you mean now??Also want to save them??

Also,I have long thought to play with you.,But now you have killed them.!”
Binding Esdes’s gold chain,Ice in the speed of naked eye,Then Esdes makes a little hard,Suddenly fell to the ground for the broken ice。
Holding a knife with hands,Esdes gallter to the red and Titzimi, which is bound by six sticks.。
Sound of ice knife and village,Resound around,Standing in the night, standing in place,Looking calmly looking at Esdes。
“Unfortunately,Now that the emperor is told me.,The emperor is dead.。
Whether it is the uprising army or an emperor,I have been controlled by me now.。”
The dead people are dead,Night thinking“Hunter”and“Night attack”There is no need to carry out this meaningless battle.。
“Even if you are an emperor,What is the relationship with my Esdes??
Do you think I Assers is the kind of person who will listen to the order??”
Esdes picks up the long knife of the night,I started to launch the attack toward him.。
“Since this,That can only use another method.,Let you calm down。
Flying 御 流 流 九 龙 闪!”
Nine from different directions,Fried in the air,Esdes feels unable to avoid crisis,Directly use the skills of the bottom of the box。
“Mo Tit!”
Time is stationary at this moment,And Esdes also discovered,Night of the knife in front of,And Jiudi from all directions。
Is this really a sword that humans can do??The nine-channel knife is almost all-round.,if not“Mo Tit”Ability,She can’t even find a way to avoid。
“Mo Tit”Time to start the time,Night looked at the faded dragon,Can’t help but frown。
Judging his strength to Esdes,The other party can resist the nine dragons,But you can’t do it at the same time to defense Jiudi。
So reason is very simple.,Esdes uses night thoughts,Ability to make time to stop flowing。
but“Mo Tit”Consumption is very large,Esdes wants to use,Be basically no possible。
“Very powerful ability Esdes,But then I will let you know,Breakthrough time limit speed。
That’s afraid that you can keep the time short time,Also changed at all。”
The night is starting to have a white air flame,The body’s breath is also rising in this moment.。
although“Super-Saiyan”Not available,But ordinary explosion,He is still available。
The reason has not been used before,Because he is in this world,I haven’t encountered him at all.“Explosive”Guy。
Almost in an instant,Night in front of Aths,I lost my traces in an instant.,Ultra-high-speed movement even brings a series of residues。
Instantaneous plus,Cooperate with the night, it is fast to can’t capture.,Let the fantasy of the night leave a residual shadow like entities in the air。
And these figure at the same time,Galloping to Esdes,The body makes a slightly squatting action。
“Flying Tian Yuliu Tianxiang Dragon!”
It is difficult to capture the speed,Plus the fastest knuckle,At this time, the speed of this,Even more than the sound!