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“Feel sorry,Spring, I don’t have this right to let the country join the Sky Parliament.”The aperator said softly.。

“teacher,Don’t care about these,You can go back and three generations.,If he is willing to put down,I am free to welcome you to join”
“It is not willing,There is no relationship”
Silent,She knows that even if they disagree,Spring will also protect wood leaves。
The card is sigh in the heart。
“I see”
Just like Spring,A new era opened。
Two almost god people appear,And the fate of the endurance is almost in their hands.。
A lot of things,Already not allowed。
Chapter One Initial
Castle in the Sky。
“Start a meeting”Spring is sitting first。
Five shadows sit on both sides。
入,Sasuke is standing not far from the wall。
After the spring, you will stand in a bow.,There is also Huizi。
Some sense of atmosphere。
The hand is watching the pocket behind the spring.,Why is the big snake pill?。
Moreover, Spring actually has such an aerial fortress as a base.。
“One and a half times,I don’t know if Quan Hao has a victory.”Four generations of Lei Ying can’t help but say。
If he can’t stop Yu Zhibo spheres,Everything is over.。
“This can be said,The strength of the spot does not reach the limit,I do not have either,Who is clear in the future?”Spring said calmly。
“Not limited to the limit!”Four generations of Lei Ying shocked。
“I don’t know what the limit you said.”Dashewarm I asked。
The strength of these two is almost in the endurance,Even the ninja army will be destroyed in an instant。
“how to say,It is what you thought.”Quan Yi wants to say。
The goddess here is not Hui Night?!Spring feels that there is not much problem with this expression.。
Everyone’s look。
They recalled the myths that heard.,Fly,Mount the mountain,Even the world。
Suddenly, you will not look good.。