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After the two of them washed by the stream,Liu Mu suddenly shouted:“Who is hiding in the water,come out faster!Otherwise I’m welcome!”

Chen Xiu’s heart trembled,He used Gu Rimou to teach himself by hiding in the water“Concealment”The air-holding method inside,Thought to myself:“You don’t know if you swim by,This Liu Mu can actually find me!Is his cultivation level higher than Liu Fengxing?”
Just listen to what Liu Su said:“Liu Mu,Don’t be nervous,People here and there!”
“Liu Su,You are too careless,Look at the backpack over there!”
Chen Xiu laughed blankly in the water,It turns out that Liu Su found out that he didn’t see through his hiding technique,But the backpacks and clothes I put on the stream。
I know I can’t hide it,Chen Xiu came out naked from the water generously。
Liu Su first gave Chen Xiu a lot,See him with sloppy beard,Looked at the backpack by the stream again,I only thought Chen Xiu was a lost tourist in Shennongjia,Is interrogating:“who are you?”
Chen Xiu got ashore while putting on clothes,While saying:“Chen Xiu。”
“Chen Xiu?Why is this name familiar?”
When Liu Su was in doubt,Liu Mu is already jumping away,Shouted:“Liu Su,You sillyXwhat!He is the one we want to find!”
Liu Su also reacted instantly,Move backward in the same step,Be careful。
Chen Xiu didn’t think so,Put on your clothes slowly,It’s just that this set of clothes on him hasn’t been changed since he entered the mountain,It has a sour taste,Take a look at Liu Su’s production,The height is about the same as I said,Said lightly:“Take off clothes!”
The two of them said they heard it wrong,This kid knew he was from the Liu family and didn’t run away,And said to myself so nonsense,Is he stupid?Nine zero look
“I said,Let you take off your clothes,I want to wear!”Chen Xiu took his clothes and smelled it,I can’t stand the smell,Just throw it aside。