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The Han Yuxuan is not bad,At least,People in order to read the book,Every day is very worried,And you?”

Kiki glanced at him,Continue to write homework。
She just put a pen,Xiao Jun put down the pen in his hand.,Warm laugh and look at my mother,Mom is accompanying them to do homework,very warm,“Mother,I have finished my homework.,Help me sign。”
Tone,It is also more gentle than usual.。
Blue Xin laughs,“Xiao Jun,You are really fast this speed.。”
Blue Xin quickly checked it again,No question,Xiao Jun’s words are also very beautiful,She is very happy,Her little,Really good。
She signed a word seriously,Look at him,“Xiao Jun,Let’s take a break.!”
“it is good,Mother,I went back to the room.。”
Lan Wei Jun got up。
Blue sneak is also stretched quickly,“Blue baby,I have finished your son.,Give me a check word。”
Blue Xin quickly knocked on his head.,Smiley tone temperature and,“Stinky boy,No one,Blue baby is also your name?”
Blue sorrow is smiling in Blue Xin’s arms,The bottom is full of bright light,Laugh:“Mother,I love you!”
“hehe”Blue Xin smiled and knead his head。
NS901chapter:Lu Hao’s nightmare
She bowed,Dear my son’s head,“son,Mom also loves you。”
Blue and chess glanced over the second brother。
Blue and blue:“”He is a mother’s son,What is the meat?,this way,Can enhance his feelings。
Mom also love him,This makes him very happy。
“Kiki,I often play someone else’s son,I often call others mom,I feel very sorry for my mother.,Occasionally, I love my mother’s love.,What is good meat?,Don’t be a strange。”
Blue and blue,Stand up immediately,“Mother,I went back to the room to watch the script。”
He doesn’t want to quarrel with your sister.,One sentence,Noisy,Hide。
“it is good!”
Blue Xin smiled and nodded。
Blue sneaky and running upstairs。
Blue and chess,If you run fast,otherwise,See how she is killing him。
Lan Qiqi is watching itself, there are still many questions.,I have a lot of heart。
She is fast to do homework。
Chu Feiyang,Not willing,Also quickly bowes to do homework。
Blue Xin looks at his font,Many better than before。
She is satisfied with the hook corner,It seems that it doesn’t have two months.,Flying can change some bad habits。