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Man,Turn over,Oblique dry cloud,Cold drink,“Dry cloud,You have not qualified to evaluate how I do something,I ask you again.,Yes, you will have to turn this barrier.,Still by me to take him away!”
Angry on the dry cloud,Just a word is not falling,I was interrupted by a light smile.。
The sound is from the summer。
At this moment,His face is filled with light smiles,So that it is not bad,“Ha ha!”
Sound short,Flood to evil。
He first got a dry cloud.,男 男,“Are you not there??Still think it is really how to?”
Dry cloud,“Don’t talk,he……”
“Isn’t it the guardian??”
Summer is impatient in interrupted him,The sound is the most arrogant and cold,Acknowledge,“Laozi is thinking will be a so-called dog guardian!”
“Small generation!you wanna die!”
Men’s poor color,即 无 无。
This sword is extremely awkward,But the action is very slow。
And the man does not have a slight power transmission,It’s like slow motion.。
But the dry clouds in the side are the body’s violation.。
Not they take the initiative to retreat,Instead, there is an invisible gas field. They have to retreat.。
Summer feels that unprecedented pressure。
Although the other party has no breathating momentum,But that is the manifestation of the strength,The sword is very slow,But it is a deadline.。
If he avoids flash,Then this sword must be speeding up in an instant,Give him a fatal blow。
No hair,Unreliable。
Can only hard。
The most important world!
Summer is not hesitant to play this form。
The snake knife is only one foot long.,But it is like a mountain.,Slowly pushed out。
His action is equally unhappy,It can also make people see clearly.。
Unlike,Summer this knife reveals a great power。
at the same time,A black mysterious energy in the body crazy,Climb the knife in the arm。