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In fact, when Mei Lao said, Changan Li family four words,He guess the identity of the old woman in the first time.。

The opponent is very likely to be the people of Liu Qingqing.。
Before,Through a variety of channels,Or under accidental,Summer, I have heard of Changan Li Jia.。
It is said that Li Jia knows that the fall of heaven。
In addition to this,No extra information。
Summer is very curious,But only this。
In front of you,Let him notice,I still underestimate the Changan Li Jia.。
Otherwise,How can the five guardians of Mei Lao Fang will reveal such a expression?。
At the same time understand,This is the plan of Jiang Luo Shen……Or is a plan for dry clouds。
Changan Li family’s deterrence is so big?
One time,Various thoughts。
But this does not affect the summer and the old woman dialogue。
“Don’t call me a predecessor。”
The old woman puts his hand and interrupted him.,After laughing,“I am just a sorcerer.,If the aunt does not mind,I can call me Li’s mother-in-law.。”
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First1508Chapter Strong mess
“Li Po……”
Summer is not hesitant to change the title,Just like the elderly,The look is quite respectful。
Not pleaseful and Barnie。
Since the other party is the people of Chang’an Li Jia,And the relationship between him and Liu Qingqing,In the same way。
Li Po is quite happy,The fish tail line of the eye is more obvious.,Upper and down!。
“In fact, I have long thought of seeing a lot.,Sure enough, and the Master said,The grandfather is not only a table talent,And it is the dragon of people,More than your father is not more,Widen!When the world is only……”
This sentence is very large。
Let the summer suspect sinus。
The master in her mouth,If you want to be the grandfather of Liu Qingqing。
But what he turned out?……It seems that Liu Qingqing’s grandfather has seen himself?
And I’m very understandable to his father.。
Interrogate,Li Po also smiled again,“Grandist,How do you want to deal with these people??Do you need to kill??”