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Modern history class in the first class,The night is free to turn over the class.,I know about this world.。

This world has a special creature,Named“Original organism”,Various body,Ability is also different。
and“Original organism”There is also a level,There are five levels,
The weakest first level,Humans through ordinary weapons,Can kill it。
But starting from the third grade,You can only pass a special metal,That is“Bamboo”,Can cause damage to it。
and“Original organism”Regeneration and vitality is extremely tenacious。
Third grade“Original organism”It is already a need for a team to eliminate.。
As for the highest fifth level,This world has only twelve,People even“Zai 12th constellation”Named them。
These fifth grade,Have the ability to destroy a region,It can be said that there is no difference between it is nothing.。
“Original organism”Sudden appearance,Let humans lose their homes and family,That batch“Original war”Lost all people,Be called“Plundered era”。
And this“Monococcal virus”Quite strange,He will be parasitic on the birth of the little girl。
quilt“Monococcal virus”Little girl infected,Although it has extraordinary ability,It will be in vivo“Monococcal virus”Gradually erosion。
Once the degree of erosion is critical,It will become new“Original organism”。
These infected little loli,It is also known as“Curse”。
This is why Cangna is kicking.,Because she is“Curse”。
Although these children don’t do anything wrong,But it was destroyed“Plundered era”,But I will graft hatred in them.。
These little loli experience,Let the night remember a certain,The most powerful fox。
It’s better to say that these little loli is even more miserable.,Because they are not limited by their own,And they still can’t live alone.
Because the war of human and colorectal creatures,Human self-esteem can only be biased。
Take a tall giant stone monument,Because the giant stone monument is“Bamboo”made,Therefore, the colorectal organism will not be close.。
And in this war,A new job is also born,That is, the so-called“civiljg”。
People find“Curse”Although it is infected,But it has the strength of far super universal people.。
I started using these“Curse”,Metall with the supervision of their humans,Composition,Clearing colon bio。
People who supervise them,is called“promoters”,The curse is called“Starter”。
Chapter 59 Cangna“Animal factor”
Old brother reading books,Add a new book to invest in good,No money,I am going to shelves.,You still have benefits,Who is not。Recent collections,It’s really a bit unbearable.
See here,Night can’t feel a bit ridiculous。
Eye people can see,“Starter”That is the curse,Already a human,Only one confrontation“Original organism”Means。
But people have their attitude towards them,But so let people be so cold
This is what people who want to sell,Do people treat the rhythm of people as a monster??
If not because“Curse”,Are some little girls with some age,Thoughts are still immature。
Night, dare to guarantee,This world is human,Subject to esca。
Night, I just saw it again.“Starter”Introduction,“Starter”as“Original organism”generally,The strength is also highly low。
This world is better than better“civiljg”Strength,There is a specialized organization,Undergone“promoters”and“Starter”Rank。