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When Wang Youdao is gone,Wang Youcai began to think about these things。It seems his second brother is not in Pingdu,But Pingdu also has his eyeliner。this means,He still hasn’t forgotten Pingdu,Ready to come back to work anytime。

Thought of here,Wang Youcai was happy。If 2nd Brother really came to work in Pingdu,,Wang Youcai is not the beneficiary。Thinking about this good thing,Wang Youcai fell asleep unconsciously。
Second in the morning,Until someone is talking in the yard,Wang Youcai opened his eyes。He saw it was late,And got up quickly。
Yard,Wang Degui is playing with his one-year-old grandson。Grandpa and grandson are having fun。Wang Youdao is standing by and watching his wife,They seem extremely laid back。
In the kitchen,Yao Chunni and my mother Chen Yueqin are busy making breakfast。Working together,While still chatting,Feel very kind。
suddenly,Wang Youcai’s machine rang,He hurriedly opened it,Doctor Lu was calling。Wang Youcai connected without saying anything。Dr. Lu’s low voice came from the phone:“Boss Wang!I have a sales representative who sells drugs,I feel it’s ok,Did you come over and meet them?”
This is a big deal,Wang Youcai didn’t even want to say:“it is good!You let them wait for me for a while,I’ll be there in half an hour”
Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai sealed a thousand yuan red envelope to his little nephew and took it。He smiled and said:“Come!Uncle’s toy money for you”Wang Youcai said,So he stuffed the red envelope with money into the pocket of my little nephew。
“Damn!Why are you giving him so much money?Too polite”Niu Huiling said with a smile。
Wang Youcai glanced at Wang Youdao:“Smiled and said,My nephew saw my uncle for the first time,It’s right to give some lucky money。I have something to leave,Shall we have a meal in the city tonight?”
Wang You Caijing’s thoughts last night,He thinks the second brother still can’t offend him。There is a saying,A lean camel is bigger than a horse,What’s more, his second brother is not a skinny camel。
“No need to,The food at home is pretty good。You go busy!We will stay at home for a few days”Wang Youdao smiled and said。
Wang Youcai smiled,Smoothly:“Rare!I can live for a few days this time”
“These holidays,But your second brother used a Spring Festival holiday in exchange for it,A bit worthless!But this is working”Niu Huiling rushed to explain to Wang Youcai。
Because Niu Huiling has learned the temper of her little uncle,Seems to have exploded。Get angry,Doesn’t put Wang Youdao in his eyes at all。So she is also a little scared invisibly。
Wang Youcai got into the car,Fire while,I asked Niu Huiling again:“Why are you still Hu Huiru Ruer?”
“Came out early,I quit my job when I gave birth。This woman is too scheming,Working together is too stressful”Niu Huiling took a deep breath and said。
Wang Youcai backs up,Said with a smile:“You are right。She used a lot of tricks for me last year,It’s a pity that she didn’t find anything”
“Still be careful,He misses you like Cha,She has many tricks,I’m afraid you can’t handle it”Niu Huiling said,Secretly glanced at Wang Youdao。
Hear the start of the car,Chen Yueqin came out from the kitchen and said:“You bastard!Breakfast is ready soon you have to go?”