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If he really becomes the mayor of Pingyang Town,Then he can’t lead him as the secretary,No way,This is definitely a good opportunity,Move down Deputy Mayor Zhao and have a new one,Are you afraid that he won’t listen to yourself??When Secretary Wang thought of this,I immediately grabbed the phone on the desk。

Sent away Wang Youcai,Deputy Chief Zhao dare not go anywhere,Although it is broad daylight,But I have 100,000 yuan in my drawer,In case something goes missing,Then he really can’t tell。
For this,He was going to Zhangwangcun this afternoon,That can only be cancelled。So Deputy Mayor Zhao sat in the office and started to deal with some documents.。
Until four o’clock,When he was about to go to the bathroom,Suddenly someone knocks on the door。He got up and opened the door to take a look,Secretary Wang of the town committee standing at the door,There are also Secretary Gao of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and two office staff。
Deputy Mayor Zhao was very surprised,How come these people come to him together?When he was wondering,Secretary Wang smiled strangely at Deputy Mayor Zhao:“Mayor Zhao!What a daze!Secretary Gao is here,You don’t invite people in and sit,What are you doing standing stupidly?“
“Oh!Secretary Gao please come in“Deputy Mayor Zhao came to his senses now,He greeted enthusiastically。
Secretary Gao is in his fifties,A serious face。He sat in a chair as soon as he came in,The two of them found a place and sat down。
Deputy Mayor Zhao asked puzzledly:“Why did Secretary Gao come to me??Could it be that I violated any discipline?”Deputy Mayor Zhao asked with caution。
Secretary Gao looked at Deputy Mayor Zhao and said:“Do nothing,There must be something at home。Someone reported you embezzlement and bribery,And the amount is larger,How do you explain this”
Deputy Mayor Zhao was dumbfounded when he heard that,Report his corruption and bribery,It’s so ridiculous!Pingyang Town is a poor town,Where do ordinary people have money to pay bribes,Moreover,He has always been a deputy。Who would pay a bribe to someone without real power。
As the saying goes,Don’t do bad things,Beat the door in the middle of the night。He didn’t take bribes at all,He didn’t know what to explain?So Fuzhen Zhao said with a smile:“I don’t know where to start,I don’t know what to explain?“
“Deputy Mayor Zhao,I have given you a chance,If you don’t want,If I find out later,Your trouble is big“Secretary Gao said coldly。No loss is always doing this business,His words surprised Deputy Mayor Zhao in his heart.。
Secretary Wang smiled and said:“Deputy Mayor Zhao,We do this errand,To do good for the people wholeheartedly,But you can’t accept money,You know our discipline“
“Don’t go around in circles anymore,Let’s discuss the matter!I really can’t remember anything“Deputy Mayor Zhao said,Take a look at Secretary Wang,What does he mean if you know,Remind me。
Secretary Gao stood up abruptly,Ask loudly:“Did you collect more than 100,000 yuan from others“
“what?I received more than 100,000 yuan from others?“Zhao Fuzhen was surprised and almost didn’t run downstairs。He really couldn’t remember,When did I accept more than 100,000 yuan from others。It seems that since I became the deputy mayor,He may not even receive a pack of cigarettes。
Secretary Gao looked at Deputy Mayor Zhao like this,Thought he did it on purpose。His face changed and roared:“All right,Since you don’t know,Then please open your drawer“Secretary Gao pointed to Deputy Mayor Zhao’s desk drawer and said。