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Just downstairs,Yao Yun called。

Her tone is plain,“Zuo Zhi,Where are you now?”
Although there is nothing unusual in the voice,But I can still hear it,She is angry。
“I’m downstairs in the company,Go up immediately。”I said,Rushed up immediately。
After going upstairs,Empty office,No one。
I immediately walked to Yao Yun’s office。
Just arrived at the door,I saw Shi Meng come out of the office,“Master,You finally came,President Yao is waiting anxious。”
I nodded at her,Then walked into Yao Yun’s office。
In her office,How many people are sitting at the moment。
After my eyes swept over everyone,Fell on An Zheng in the middle。
An Zheng,One of the target customers of our branch。
Former General Manager Duan Peng,Take a few people from our sales department,Talked with them many times,The result was unsuccessful。
It is said that,In order to win this customer,The extinction master has used the beauty trick,I didn’t expect An Zheng to be unmoved at all。
Did not expect today,He took the initiative to find us。
No wonder Yao Yun was angry just now。
I walked over,Reach out,“Hello, Mr. An。”