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Ye Zifan has accumulated a lot of treasures over the years,There are fifteen artifacts alone,There are six middle-grade artifacts,Including the spear of the son of Ye Zifan,A short blade in Ye Zifan’s hand and a small and exquisite shield。

After packing up the spoils,Emperor Lei leads people to rest on Zhiyi Island,Talk to He Lang,Get drunk。
After sober,Lei Tianzi launched an attack on Tiger Hollow Robber,This time, Baoluoshan joined the two infantry masters who were captured on the way to support Zhiyi Island.,Stronger,It only took about half an hour from the battle to the victory,Tiger Hollow Master was hit by He Lang with a hammer(ròu)cake,Then the whole battle is over。
Emperor Lei left Cao Xian and others to clean the battlefield,He and He Lang went to Baoluo Mountain,But found out that the robbers here had fled long ago,No one left。
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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Four Hat space
Clap your hands in a hurry,Lei Tianzi angered:“Hurry up, hurry up and finally come a step late。”
Said Zhao Ti, the immortal cultivator originally from Baoluoshan:“grown ups,I know that Baoluo Mountain has a very secret place,The master must be hiding there with someone,They dare not run out of the range of Fanshui Lake。”
“Tell where they are?”Lei Tianzi is overjoyed,Let the robber run away, there will be no contribution point。
Zhao Ti took Lei Tianzi to a fist-sized colorful stone,This stone is embedded in an eight-pointed star。
Zhao Ti warned:“grown ups,This octagonal star is a powerful killing array,It is the treasure of Baoluo Mountain,Not small.
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five Xiao Xiong Lu Pian
The day comes,The coordinates of the Death Star sent by Taifumen to every disciple,Then these people drove their aircraft and left Diaoling Continent。
Everyone is a cultivator of immortality in the solid foundation period and the lock period,Flying in the air is not a problem,Since it is not allowed to enter the space with artifacts,Can only be exposed to everyone。
Lei Tianzi is not the only one who knows cheating,The Taifumen disciples, who originally had only tens of thousands, have now become an army of millions,Densely covering the starry sky,After the extremely cold starry sky,The strong with Taifumen check everyone’s magical space,If you find someone inside,Squeeze immediately,The people inside have no place to bury,The immortal cultivator holding the magic weapon space was also chopped off his head,The law enforcers didn’t even listen,Behaved very iron and blood。
The expressionless Lei Tianzi passed by them,After being checked, it proved that there is no space for magical objects,Passed the inspection easily,Followed by 10,000 female fairies belonging to Liu Tang,Passing the inspection door mightily,Behind Ling Ling and Fang’s cultivator,Headed by Fang Shiwei、Brother Fang Shidong,They were followed by nearly a thousand followers,It’s also a huge group,The scene is very spectacular。
Have been flying in the starry sky for half a year,Before reaching the designated planet,There are millions of masters in the priming period of Taifumen,Send a jade slip to Lei Tianzi and others,There is a topographic map of the Death Star and an introduction of some simple messages,Only then did Emperor Lei know,In addition to the Taifu Gate, there is also the Fire Talisman Gate、Water Rune Gate、Caifumen、Five Elements School、Hundreds of sects and family forces, including Qifumen, participated,All are powerful forces in Diaoling Continent。