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Davidson found three more people this day,Said that after the military decides to reproduce five thousand animalized warriors, it will stop this blasphemous project,Li Suifeng pretended to draw a cross on his chest when he heard the words,Chanting religious prayers like the Lord forgive me for my sins,I didn’t expect Davidson to change the topic,I took out a few documents from my briefcase,Put in front of the three。

“Lee,Su,Your outstanding ability has been highly recognized by the Citi government,Now I represent Citi,Invite the three of you to join Citigroup。”
Li Suifeng refused immediately,“General davidson,Did you make a mistake,We were officially sent by the Ming country to assist your country in the Great Patriotic War,There is no rule to join your country after playing。”
There was a smug smile on Davidson’s face,Through the trio, I feel full of gloomy breath,Just listen to him:“This is not a problem,At that time, the Citi State Department of State will use the diplomatic channel branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.。
Three,You should feel lucky,Although Citi was invaded by Rakshasa,But the foundation is still there,No matter how advanced the research equipment is,Still work and life treatment,Even personal freedom,Academic atmosphere,Are not comparable to Ming Guo,Trust me,Here you can realize your research dreams。
Su Yu couldn’t help but sneered.:“You dig the corner of your allies like this,Don’t you think it is against morality??”
Davidson still keeps smiling,Put a finger up and shook it,“The Deputy Chief of the Navy once said that Professor Qian Xuesen was worth five divisions,Letting him go is a great loss for the Citigroup army,I agree with this statement。And what I want to say is,The three of you are worth at least one hundred divisions,Citigroup will not make the same mistake again,Three people think about it。
The Chinese have proven themselves in the war,Let me reveal,After the war, Congress will try to promote the abolition of the Chinese Exclusion Act,And drafted an apology for the wrong behavior of the year,You don’t have to worry about your status in Citi。”
The two girls need to argue further,Stopped by Li Suifeng,He looked at Davidson,“This matter matters,You have to give us time to think about it。”
“Ok,”Davidson chuckled,“In your words,I’m waiting for good news,Hope to see you next time,We are compatriots。”
Sent Davidson,Li Lan jumped up and went crazy,“Professor Qian Xuesen value5The teacher was detained for a few years,Three of us are worth a hundred divisions,If forced to leave,I’m afraid it will just evaporate,Citigroup is really handy to sell teammates。”The tone was full of resentment。
“try,Draw up,This word is really abstract,”Su Yu is also very angry。
“I think we have entered a misunderstanding,Everyone may have stayed too long in this time and space and forgot their identity,”Li Suifeng picked up the file on the desktop and looked at it,“We are not in this era,Citizenship,What’s the impact?Sign this document,As long as I can leave the base at the bottom of the lake,And ordinary they contact,Time-space,What can Citigroup do?”
Li Lan and Su Yu were reminded by Li Suifeng to figure this out,The three of them took the test for a day,Davidson came over to answer,Half-push and half agreed,Signed documents,The three quickly got a small green card representing their identity,Next, proceed to the next step,Li Suifeng’s abacus is good,But I didn’t expect to miscalculate this time。