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I quickly turned around,Afraid to see her。

They passed by me,The lavender perfume on Wu Lan pierced my nose,Made me sober immediately。
A heart beating violently。
“You know him?”The old man asked Wu Lan。
“Oh,do not recognize。”Wu Lan said。
I leave like a runaway。Come on the street,The breeze caress my face。
At this moment, my wine is almost sober。
I laughed at myself secretly,The shit on my butt hasn’t been cleaned yet,I just want to take care of others,I’m really full。
at this time,the phone is ringing。
It was Chen Zhifei who came here。
“brothers,Did you call me?”Chen Zhifei asked。
“Oh,Are you home yet?”I asked。
I hesitated at that moment,Should I tell Chen Zhifei about this??
“Arrived long ago,rest early。”Chen Zhifei hung up after speaking。He always hangs up my phone very fast。
Listen to Chen Zhifei’s tone,He should be very sober。
but,Since it is sober,Why would you allow Wu Lan to go out in the middle of the night??
I dare not think about it anymore。