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Zhuge Liang takes a fast boat,Secret down the river,Came to Soochow Site,Chief Governor Zhou Yu,After being courteous,Zhuge Liang directly pointed out his intention。

Zhou Yu was unmoved on the surface,But my heart is overwhelming,After the Battle of Chibi,Zhou Yu’s abacus is to occupy at least a few cities,Extend power into Jingzhou,Provide a barrier for the Jiangzuo prefectures and counties downstream。
But I never expected this Suzaku who emerged out of thin air to be so shameless,Not only recruited the old Jingzhou navy division,He also swallowed half of Jingzhou while the coalition was fighting with Cao Jun,Now Liu Bei is ready to make an agreement with Soochow to attack Suzaku,It fits his mind to regain control of Jingzhou。
Although heartbeat,But superficial work is still needed,Zhou Yu calmly,“I don’t know what the military division has?”
“The two navy forces attacked Vermilion City。”
“After that,How should Jingzhou allocate?”
“The capable!”
Zhuge Liang’s words are concise and concise,Zhou Yu no longer hesitates,Promise to form an alliance。
Set the tone,Both Sun and Liu started secretly dispatching troops,Although I tried my best to keep it secret,But Jingzhou is located in the four wars,The forces from all sides are staggered,quickly,There was news that the niece of the nephew of the second uncle of a soldier’s eldest brother-in-law was working as a washerwoman with Liu Bei.,Liu Bei may have ideas about Suzaku。
The same Soochow also heard similar,Liu Yuan called everyone together,Everyone is a master of keyboard strategy in benchmark time and space,Combine all kinds of information together for a little analysis,It came to the conclusion that Sun and Liu would jointly eat him。
Li Donglai doesn’t believe it,“No way,A few days ago, we also overthrew Boss Cao together,Why did these two families turn their faces so quickly??”
Su Yu’s face is solemn,“This is normal,Both Sun and Liu are heroes who intend to compete in the world,In the original history,After the Battle of Chibi, all the four counties of Jingzhou fell into the hands of Liu Bei,I also borrowed other parts of Jingzhou from Sun Quan,Liu Bei really has the basic card to compete in the world,Now because of our chaos,The pattern of three points becomes four points,Liu Bei has only two cities, Jiangxia and Xiakou,Not as good as us,Of course Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei are impatient。”
First391chapter Number one player,The story of the hero slaying the dragon