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Those skilled workers and management leaders secretly wiped their cold sweat,Thought:“Who is the boss??This batch of fired porcelain can catch up with metal,Barely qualified?”

Because the remuneration given by Emperor Lei is very generous,No one said much,As long as the boss is happy,but,The boss is a perfectionist,A bit demanding。
The most famous porcelain in China is produced by Jingdezhen,The real Jingdezhen porcelain sold for a thousand yuan,People who are not rich and noble can’t really use Jingdezhen porcelain。
A set of tableware will cost at least several million yuan,Ordinary people have no access to that level of consumption。
The porcelain in Qiao’s hometown is more exquisite than Jingdezhen、solid、A hundred times more beautiful,The first batch of samples flowed to the market after being rejected by Lei Tianzi。
Sinan Sui doesn’t care about the packaging of the panacea,She directly price this batch of porcelain at 10,000 yuan,Ten thousand pieces of porcelain are goods worth one hundred million。
A total of 200 million yuan was invested in the construction of the porcelain factory,Count so,The cost is recovered after firing twice,High-end industry is so capricious,As long as things are good,Price is definitely not a problem。
Chapter Thirty Seven Can’t get angry
After the porcelain bottle was put on the market, it was still silent for a while,Quickly recognized by customers,Began to be bought and hoarded piecemeal,Sold out products all at once。
Lei Tianzi completely ignores market demand,As long as the batch of porcelain bottles he customized,More stringent requirements on the details of more than a dozen procedures,Almost to the point of picking the bones in the egg。
Although everyone disagrees,But the next batch of burned porcelain blinded everyone,These products are like fairy artifacts in the eyes of ordinary people,Not only beautiful,There is also a kind of fairy air,Of course,Ordinary people don’t know what is called a fairy,I simply think that this kind of thing is rare in the world,Should not be owned by mortals。
The second batch of 10,000 porcelain bottles were all left by Lei Tianzi,And let the porcelain factory continue to fire this kind of porcelain bottle,As for those big and small dishes、Basin or something,He regarded it as rubbish,Don’t even watch。
Thus,The workers below also knew the boss’ temper,Every porcelain bottle made for Lei Tianzi keeps improving,Other porcelains are so-so,It is difficult to make a perfect porcelain,Need to make no mistakes in every link,If the last few links are wrong,The previous procedures are abandoned,This is the loss,A problem of loss,Cost a lot。
Fortunately, Emperor Lei didn’t urge them,All fine porcelain bottles are preserved,Should give workers a lot of salary。
A month passed,Su Tingwen came to Qiao’s hometown again,This time he brought ten thousand spiritual crystals,I want to buy the middle-grade artifact in the hands of Emperor Lei。
Two months have passed,During this period,Tianzi Lei needs to deal with the relationship between several women,Also had a very difficult operation,Also discussed with the workers in the porcelain factory about the manufacture of porcelain bottles,He had long forgotten which artifact he showed Su Tingwen,I took out a spear and threw it to him,Lei Tianzi vaguely remembered,This spear belongs to the hapless guy who chased him on a big gourd。
Su Tingwen firmly remembered,What Lei Tianzi took out was a machete,Now it has become a spear,See what this gun looks like,Prestige than a machete,Did not say no,Sitting opposite Lei Tianzi,Said:“Lei Daoyou,In a secret place in Tianshan,There is an old altar,I heard that it was a place of ascension a thousand years ago。”
“altar?”Lei Tianzi’s eyes rolled,Said:“There are many kinds of altars,The most common are the buildings where the ancient soldiers went out to sacrifice to heaven and earth,And pray for the prosperity of the country and the people。”
“I don’t think it’s that kind of thing,Don’t know how much you know?”