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Countless bad thoughts have accumulated into chronic diseases that are hard to get rid of,Tangled in Xie Yuxian’s heart,Fortunately, Lei Tianzi’s driver Hu Hu and secretary Yuan Li have no news.,The possibility of Lei Tianzi’s death from a sudden illness can be rejected。

Tianzi Lei was very busy after coming back to work,Ignore Xie Yuxian’s emotions,Before leaving on the first day of work,Xie Yuxian stared at him for an hour,Found that Lei Tianzi still didn’t respond,Finally couldn’t help knocking hard on the table,Said angrily:“Don’t you plan to give me an explanation?”
“What explanation?”Emperor Lei is still thinking about big issues like his own destiny,A little impatient。
“it is good!you are so nice!”Xie Yuxian stood up,Eyes are like a sharp blade piercing the Thunder Emperor,Gritted his teeth:“Since you are not going to give me an explanation,Then I will give you an answer,We are over。”
Only then did Emperor Lei notice that Xie Yuxian was too emotional,Frowned tightly and said:“I’m busy,Just say it if you have something!What’s over?”
“It means,You are a pig,Finished the cabbage,The pig that can’t pull the shit。”After Xie Yuxian finished talking,Tears puff puff and fall down。
Lei Tianzi is not a fool,finally understood,Xie Yuxian may blame him,Sighed and said:“I always believe that what people pay attention to is a matter of fate,If you are together, you will be scattered。”
Finished,He completely ignored Xie Yuxian’s feelings,Turn around and leave,In this situation,Not he is cruel,There is really no time and need to explain clearly,When he gave Xie Yuxian material,Did not explain clearly,It’s been more than a month without any news,There is no need to explain so much,The root cause is that Emperor Lei doesn’t know how to explain。
After Xie Yuxian calmed down,Talk to Qiao Huiru,Said a lot of heartfelt things,Qiao Huiru also scratched her head,She is not a love expert,My feelings are in a mess,Not to give the teacher a mess,After thinking about it, I decided to be the master of Lei Tianzi once,Said:“Teacher Xie,If you really love Dr. Lei,Then don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate,Don’t doubt anything,Even if he is the worst, worst, ruthless man in the world,You insist on loving him to the point,If you can’t do this,End this relationship as soon as possible!Dr. Lei is not worthy of your liking。”
“You are right,The issue is,He may not have as deep an affection for me as I am for him。”
Qiao Huiru couldn’t help laughing,Said:“Although I am not a love expert,My feelings are not happy,But one thing I know very clearly,That is,How to measure the depth of feelings?Buying a pound of rice has quality data,Feeling is a pound、Yizhang、One sentence?I think,neither,Emotion is an abstract expression of emotion,Can’t compare with a wisp of cooking smoke,A wisp of smoke can still be seen,Feelings are invisible,Specifically in one sentence,A phone call,A greeting,Above a gift,More often,One sentence missing,One phone missing,Even eat one less meal,So the relationship has problems,Actually this is wrong,Feeling is paying,Don’t ask the other party to give you anything,You do yours,Do everything you should do,I think,You did,He will definitely see,Can feel,If you want to ask him for a watch,He gave you a diamond ring,You give him a hug,He gave you a kiss,I think you should be disconnected,That’s not emotion,Not even love,That is equivalent exchange,Is equal exchange,love,Never equal,sometimes,Love makes people desperate。”
Xie Yuxian thought about it carefully,Said:“I can’t love that bastard forever without regrets。”
Qiao Huiru smiled,Said:“you are right,He is a jerk sometimes,but,This bastard is different from those scumbags,What you see is just the tip of the iceberg,Not enough to understand,Since I didn’t fall deeply into,It’s also a happiness to leave。”
Qiao Huiru did not kill or slander Xie Yuxian to deal with emotional problems,But chose to observe like Lei Tianzi,If Xie Yuxian is suitable for Emperor Lei,Then consider development,Reveal some secrets appropriately,If Xie Yuxian chose another direction,And Lei Tianzi’s circle will pass by。
Whether to join Lei Tianzi’s circle,I can’t find happiness anymore,To be an ordinary mortal,Reverted to being busy for firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea,There will be quarrels and cold wars,That doesn’t mean unhappiness,Follow Lei Tianzi,Experience danger every day,Go to fight,To fight,Not all bad,The excitement of alien planets is different from that of people on earth,Qiao Huiru has already seen these things,She has a life span of three hundred years,Destined to live longer than many people,Has surpassed the joys, sorrows and sorrows。
Xie Yuxian, who has a lot of bowels and knots, finally chose to leave,The method she took was to leave Kangyu Hospital in the Forbidden City,Got a new job in another hospital,With Xie Yuxian’s reputation and technical ability in the industry,Changing jobs is very easy,No hospital will refuse,Just look at the salary level given。
Xie Yuxian’s resignation procedures went through very quickly,Pack your things and leave in one day,And it was after Lei Tianzi got off work that she took away her personal belongings,After leaving,Xie Yuxian never contacted Emperor Lei again,I often talk to Qiao Huiru on the phone。
Tianzi Lei has been busy recently,Mainly to make a break with the earth,The first is personnel,Bring Jiang Yuehan into the circle of cultivators as soon as possible,Let her leave the showbiz。
The second is the resource aspect,The spiritual herbs planted in Qiao’s hometown have to accumulate to a certain amount,This is the basis for him to stand in the stars in the future。
In Lei Tianzi’s plan,Due to the emergence of ancient numbers and Penglai,Has changed a lot,He originally wanted to enter the starry sky by practicing the ability to fly to the solid base stage,Find a way to the vast star field,Three years,Lei Tianzi has entered and exited the two continents of the immortal world several times,I learned about the messenger of the fairy alliance,Originally planned to leave with the envoy of the fairy league,This road is not too safe,Once betrayed by a black-hearted messenger,Is also a problem。