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For example,The lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid vehicles are very different from the lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones.。Recent years,Some lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones use new negative electrodes such as silicon monoxide and alloys.,Capacity has been significantly improved。

In addition,Some batteries for electric vehicles start to use nano-scale lithium titanate as the negative electrode,Compared with the previous carbon anode,Although the capacity has declined,But the security is higher,After all, car safety is more about life。
on the other hand,The safety protection of the battery is also different。
usually,Lithium-ion batteries have built-in electronic circuits,This electronic circuit can detect the voltage during charge and discharge and the internal temperature of the battery,It will cut off the circuit when it reaches a certain dangerous value。and so,It is dangerous to take the lithium ion battery to another device different from the original device and use it repeatedly。In most circumstances,To prevent the mixing of lithium-ion batteries,According to different equipment,Will also design batteries of different shapes and sizes。
Speaking of which,I have to remind the students,Don’t borrow other people’s chargers,I have to borrow and look for a brand,This is because,To charge the battery safely,A check circuit is generally designed on the charger,Information on battery status and temperature can be obtained in time,Prevent overcharging,Its function usually only has the best effect on batteries that meet the specifications of various manufacturers。
The trend in the world is obvious now,Both solar and electric vehicles are bound to be the general trend,But the two face a problem together,That requires a lot of secondary batteries。no battery,Solar energy cannot store electricity,Electric cars can’t even run。
Lithium-ion batteries can certainly do this job,Although its reserves are still relatively abundant,But it is a rare metal after all,The human demand for lithium resources is huge,Take the traditional lithium ion battery as an example,The number of lithium-ion batteries required for an electric car,Is equivalent to 10,000 mobile phones。and so,Lithium reserves will seriously hinder the development of solar energy and electric vehicles。
under these circumstances,Some scientists have turned their attention to sodium, which is similar to lithium。
but,Because the ionization tendency of sodium is not as strong as that of lithium,So if you use sodium,The battery voltage will be lower than using lithium0.3V,Cause insufficient starting power,In addition,Compared to lithium,The volume of sodium ion is its2Times,Atomic weight is its3Times,and so,From the point of view of energy density,Sodium is not as good as lithium。
but,Sodium also has advantages,That is resource rich、cheap price,The reserve of sodium is more than a hundred times that of lithium,By electrolysis,It can be directly extracted from the salt and sodium chloride we use。
and so,For in the car、For large secondary batteries used in natural energy power generation,Choosing sodium as the electrode is still very attractive,Of course,The larger the volume of the secondary battery,The superiority of sodium ion battery is stronger。
Sodium ion battery is“Aqueous sodium ion battery”,That is to use an aqueous solution in the electrolyte,Use iron compounds and organic compounds in the positive and negative electrodes。
Currently,The development of sodium ion batteries has been launched worldwide,Began large-scale application to store the remaining power at night、In a project aimed at adjusting the rapid changes in electricity such as wind power generation and solar power generation。
Next we talk about the battery charging problem,Battery charging process,The chemical reaction that is opposite to the discharge reaction occurs inside the battery,Restore the internal components of the battery to the original state before use。
In that case,So why are there disposable batteries??
in fact,They are not completely incapable of charging,For alkaline dry batteries and zinc manganese dry batteries,The input battery current can make the disposable battery also have a charging reaction,Can charge the battery partly。
But during the charging reaction,Will produce hydrogen or chlorine、gas,Because disposable batteries are designed for disposable use,So its structure cannot withstand the pressure of the gas generated after charging,The result is that an explosion caused by an increase in internal pressure is likely to occur after charging、A series of unexpected problems such as heat release。
I still remember when I was a kid,That has a fun toy,Called four-wheel drive,I don’t know if you know?
Motor drive for 4WD,The driving motor is also a battery。