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Talking,Zhao Dabao put his arm around the red-haired shoulder,Pointing to the Mercedes-Benz Luxury Business Road shyly:

“This ultra-high luxury business car from a century-old German brand,The beauty of sculptural feeling full of muscle lines above the mechanical performance,Highlight the sporty characteristics and aerodynamic performance of the vehicle。The details make people feel emotional,More like a flame that can ignite desire,Burn you and me instantly,It’s really a luxurious car that shows taste and style,This is the best in the car!”
Finished these words,Zhao Dabao expressed regret and then sighed:
“And brother, you never studied,The empty head can only say:“Fucking,good looking!trueTMIs a good car!Awesome!Really awesome!”
Immediately, Zhao Dabao patted the shoulder with red hair very regretfully:
“It’s terrible not to go to college,I won’t praise the car。brothers,Buddy advise you,Come back and learn。”
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Nine Peking University?
Big star Dong Liya walked into the food stall with restrained smile,Dabao is so interesting,People just sigh with emotion,He’s better,Self-acquaintance and people cuddling their waists,As if knowing。
then‘Dangdang’’S meal,I couldn’t speak for a long time。
Didn’t you see where the red hair is still thinking?,Looks like I didn’t understand。
As for the agent summer,At this time, the look in Zhao Dabao’s eyes changed a little,Originally a powerful warrior,Why did you give up in a gentle manner??Is Dabao really a college student??Doesn’t look like。
After the three of you sit down,Xia Xia couldn’t help but ask:
“Dabao,Listen to what you said,You are also a college student。”
University graduates,In the present age,Also considered a rare animal,Not very common。
For example, the agent summer,Three times in a row,Just admitted to university,So when I feel that Zhao Dabao is also a college student,,Still quite surprised。