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Hebei to send powered companies: enthusiasm for "West Electronics" green energy channel

Hebei sent powered company employees in the horses, steadily promote the construction of engineering construction.

Wang Xuene took the company to pay close attention to the important link of the construction process. At the end of the first end of the line, the project segment was established, respectively, and assigned a specialist fragmentation. "Due to the multi-facing, climate and terrain environment, in order to improve management efficiency, the construction process is more convenient.

"Yinquanjun, the construction project manager, said.

"In the face of mountain work, the high transportation efficiency has a great influence on construction progress. In order to improve transportation efficiency, we set up cableway to transport workers and materials, which greatly reduce human operation, win more time for construction." Construction project technician It said that 73 cable holdings were completed in the construction site, which greatly enhanced transportation efficiency and promoting the promotion of engineering construction.

The construction project department fully utilizes the national network infrastructure "E Safety" "Animo" and other platforms, strictly controlling the construction plan, and fills the overall progress, daily report and an account specification. The station class associated video surveillance, effectively improves the control efficiency and level through information methods.

"In response to the unfavorable factors brought by complex terrain, our construction project department has prepared a single-found planning program based on all 175 toweri, and determined that the 141 base tower used the landing double-rocker hug pole tower program. The program content includes the summary of the tower, the plane arrangement, the tower parameters, hoisting schemes, control points, ground anchor checks, etc., which play a clear guiding role in the field construction.

"Project security management staff said. To ensure that the construction is steadily advanced according to the plan, the company is based on the construction characteristics of the mountainous area, and the base-by-base investigation site environment, targeted technical research and construction planning, continuously optimizing construction measures, strengthen the implementation of the plan Coordinate and belong to the land.

Key Pipe Control Safety In November, due to the decrease in temperature, Hometown humidity in Hubei, the towering iron tower is hidden between the clouds. "The N3228 Tower is located on the top of the mountain. It is within 2 hours of walking to reach the construction site. The on-site work surface is narrow, in order to ensure construction safety, we have strictly arranged surroundings around the work site, effectively reinforce the rock body, and dredged the drainage channel, Effectively prevent collapse and other conditions. "Cui Meng said.