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Hebi City Shancheng District Convergence Industry Consolidation Expands Defiovement Adventures

In terms of rural environmental governance, the mountain city has advanced the "Toilet Revolution", 1296 Victorial Euts Basic Complete Toilet Transformation.

Actively guided the public welfare work such as poverteen from the village cleaning, there are currently 140 poverty poverty to the cleaning staff, infrastructure management, human residence environment rectification patrol supervision, etc., each depleted household increases $ 570 to 760 yuan per month.

Fully rectifying rural homageal environments, and has conducted deeply launched all the rural people in the rural people in the region (community) in all districts, and vigorously launched the whole city’s big cleaning and large cleaning activities.

In terms of transportation, the road hardening rate of 20 or more natural villages is achieved, and the road hardening rate is 100% in the village.

Repair rural road kilometers, repair 5 rural dangerous bridges.

Shilin Town realizes passenger cars. Implementing a large-scale cultural maintenance engineering, investing funds of 370,000 yuan, completing 2525 square meters of maintenance projects, and implemented shoulder cultivation and greening on 2 counties, 3 townships. Implement the village security project 59 kilometers. In terms of water conservancy, the water quality of 38 administrative villages in Shilin Town is fully tested, and the qualified rate is 100%, and the safety of rural drinking water is 100%.

Strengthen rural drinking water facilities, maintenance and maintenance of the rural drinking water safety engineering in Qijiang Village, Bai Ling Village, Bujiagou Village, etc. The civil society is fully implemented in the low-income policy.

Up to now, there are 1,157 rural low-inspections in the region, and 1666 rural low-warrant funds have been issued. Strengthening special people rescue, with a 20% low-guaranteer for eligible 216 key rescue objects, as of now, accumulates to increase the low deposit of 10,000 yuan.

507 disappearances and "three types of households" have been included in the scope of urban and rural medical rescue.

Among them, there were 6176 living subsidies for the disabled people in Shilin Town, and the total amount of funds were issued, and 4545 people were issued for the disposal of the disabled. (The Hebi City Shancheng Committee Propaganda Department Pangjianghai] (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Share let more people see the recommended reading.