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Fujian Provincial Straight Organs Single Youth Fun Games

Southeast Net November 13 (this reporter Cai Lijie) Today, Fujian Provincial Straight Organ Congress Working Committee, Fujian Provincial Straight Organization Committee, Fujian Provincial Department of Fireworks (single) Youth Fun The sports will be held in Fuzhou, and the event is two days.

This event contains the functions of fun sports competitions, cultural and literary performances, quality expansion activities, attracting nearly 100 participation in single young employees under 35 years of age. The organizer said that the form of activities in the form of multiplayer group, paying attention to the integration of literary and sports, aims to enrich the amateur cultural life of young workers, showing personal youthful style, expanding the distribution of dating, expanding living space. At the beginning of the event, the organizers introduced the "Breaking Breaking" to the youth employees to introduce enthusiasm activities such as "flower blossom" "massage" and other warm-up activities, so that young workers are familiar with each other and promote the formation of active joy. Atmosphere.

Subsequently, youth employees from all units in the province are divided into 6 groups of game competition, including "big foot relay racing" "multi-person boss" "Dragon boat" "Dragon Boat" "Flying Pans" and other games. Participating in the competition mutual assistance, struggling hard, and the employees under the field consciously form cheerleaders, applauding the teammates, and laughing in the game, lively.

In the event, youth employees are all armed, carrying machine guns, actively investing in the "trench", their planning tactical layout, make full use of terrain, concealed, bedding, sneak attack, charge, and immersed to experience live fields.

Through the play and teamwork of combat role, young workers are happy, not only add each other’s understanding, and enhance each other’s feelings, and also tempering personal will and cultivation. Young employees have said that after work, due to the constitutional limitations of work and regional distribution, everyone’s dating is narrow.

The organizer provides you with a good dating platform. Through the game movement, enhance each other’s feelings, make different friends, expand the understanding of all walks of life, learn from each other, and make progress together.