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Beijing Dongcheng held a "continued red blood, the future statistics of the future" government statistics open day activities

People’s Network Beijing October 14 (Pool Dream) October 14th, 2021 East City Government Statistical Opening Day was held at Jingshan Civil Cultural Center.

This year’s statistics is the theme of "continuous red blood, and the future" of the future "is closely combined with the requirements of the party history education and" Forever and the Party "series of activities, fully showcase the statistical red blood of the Dongcheng statistical department. Accelerate the promotion of statistical reform results.

Open day event was opened by the dance "singing of the mountain song to the party" by the dance "singing of the party".

The guest interview will invite the Dongcheng District Bureau of Statistics to gorganism in the 50th year of the year. "There is no survey, there is no saying!" Dongcheng statistics cadre poetry recital "Star River" pushed the event atmosphere to the climax, the passionate song of poetry, the guidance of the great website, the statistician is blue, pioneering, and is the statistics The history of development contributing youth and blood. The micro-frequency "statistical voice of the party members and cadres from the Dongcheng Bureau", reviewed the "School of Society", the "School History, Submitting Thoughts, Doctors, and New Bureau". "Continued red blood, the future statistics" The statistician "statistician uses the powerful 铮 vows to express the loyalty and look forward to the good future of statistical careers.

In addition, during the event, it also opened the public "Red Footprints, Mission, Mission", red statistical investigation ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, People who come to visit are chasing red footprints, through statistics, text, pictures, etc. to understand the sprouting, maturity and development of China’s statistical careers. On the spot, "I took a photo with the party flag" theme interactive area, attracted a lot of viewers to shoot.

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