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Aksu region "Enlightenment Action" volunteer service knots kicked off

"This" revelation action ", we and Elial Aizi have become helped to help the pair.

He is 7 years old this year, suffering from hearing obstacles, I hope that through our help can let him hear the world’s wonderful voice.

"On November 8th, China Petroleum Tarim Transportation Company" Jinhu Yang "Youth Volunteer Service Team Volunteers Chen Jie said. On the same day," Jinhu Yang "Youth Volunteer Service Team volunteers walked into the Kuqi Teni Street Linji Road Community Community , Visiting Alice Ai Ziqi. As a national civilized unit, this Youth Volunteer Service Team established in 2006 in 2006, more than 300 registered people in 15 years, 2016 became a national learning Lei Feng Activity demonstration point.

"We have a lot of volunteer service teams, often carrying one-on-one support activities, often carried out a pair of help activities.

This "King Action", we rely on the volunteer service team to carry out relevant help, monthly, by the volunteer service team to carry out specific help activities. Chen Jie said. The author learned from the Aksu District Propaganda Department (Civilization Office) to carry out the volunteer service activities in the whole region, which aims to further promote comprehensive development of disabled children, and establish a volunteer service team at all levels of civilized units. Caring for children with disabilities, actively creating a good social atmosphere. The first batch of helping objects have a total of 23 people, and 23 have won the national civilized unit and the civilized unit of the autonomous region. The one-on-one link between the civilized units, formulates and implement specific help Planned. In this event, civilized units will work together to form a work pattern that works in contributing to contributions, combined with the joint, and institutionalize the successful practice, effective measures, explore innovation and systematic, ensuring continuity, and coherence promotion Caring for the work of children with disabilities, learning to be implemented, through patient and meticulous ideology, sincere care to help, subtlely infused, tangible daily management, resolve contradiction, solve problems, divert psychology, and stabilizing emotions.

"Volunteers involved in the event will fully understand the status quo of children with disabilities, and give love from learning, life and spirit." Kuqi Municipal Party Committee (Civilization Office) Cadre Lu Lu introduced, according to regional unified arrangements, volunteers The person will be on the basis of "1 + X" (ie: add a new dress, buy a new school bag, a birthday, etc.), and focus on helping the children feel warm. (Deng Lijuan Zhao Jingwei) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.