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Henan launches condolences stationary activities

From February 4th to 7th, he was entrusted by the provincial government provincial government. The Provincial Retired Military Affairs Office, the provincial double-handed office, the province, the provincial government, condolences to the station, and served as the provincial party government " The condolence letter of the majority of officers and men, conveyed the greetings of the provincial party committee.

In the past year, the Ministry of Susbands remember the mission of responsibilities, gathering to fight against the fight, and resolutely completed the tasks given by the party and people.

The majority of officers and men regarded the people in their parents, the resident is the hometown of the country, and the Henan, Jiemeng Henan, and actively engage in the great cause of the Central Plains, and has won the high trust and extensive praise of the people of the province. The Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have fully supported the construction of the army to support the preparation of war. The province’s people’s military, such as the Great Wall. On the occasion of the Chinese National Traditional Festival Spring Festival, the military condolence group came to the Zhengzhou Lingqin Assurance Center, Henan Military Region, PLA Information Engineering University, the Armed Police Henan Corps visited the officers and men of the troops, giving condolences, and sincere greetings And the new spring blessings. A few days ago, the condolence items in Luoyang, Xinxiang and other troops have served in the hands of the military and soldiers in accordance with the prevention and control requirements.

(Editor: Yu Siyuan, Huang Sha).