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Pingguo team: "Four insistence four in place" as a "waiter" developed by the company

Guangxi Industrial Zhenxing Specialist Task Force stationed in Pingguo City Working Team (referred to as Pinggui Team) to settle in accordance with the "Enterprise list, the list of questions, the task list", earnestly fulfilled the job responsibilities, sincerely listening to the company’s appeal, and do "four insistence Four in place, strive to be a "waiter" developed by enterprises. Since this year, 40 issues have been collected. All of them have been completed, including 19 implementations, and resolve 15 policy replies, and 6 other clear work ideas are advancing. Adhere to actively coordination, ensure that the service is in place.

Service companies are service development, and the Pingguo team has always adhered to the concept of "first, one grasp", and do everything possible to solve problems for the company.

For example, the selection of the red mud yard and the seminar branch of China aluminum, the two projects of the semaphore, and the pose struggle is actively coordinated. Class Natural Resources Bureau Communicates Docking. With the strong support of the Autonomous Region Institute, from November 5th and 23rd, the team captain from the Baise Tourism Team and the Director of the Captain to the Autonomous Region Natural Resources Office.

In the end, the Hall Powder Protection Department recommended that the natural resource department strives to adjust the basic farmland with the "Site Site Site". The comrades of China Aluminum Guangxi Branch sigh, in the past, the problem has been in the department of Pingguo City, and now the industrial revitalization of the specialist allows us to clarify the work relationship. Another example, the person in charge of Pingguo Runfeng Building Materials Co., Ltd. reflected in July 2020, in July 2020, agreed to introduce the company’s annual output of 600,000 commercial concrete production projects, but it has not been possible. Pingguo team immediately went to the land acquisition responsible unit Pingguo Xin’an Town People’s Government meeting, urged the thoughts of 23 households as soon as possible; and active and the deputy mayor of Pingguo Municipal Government, Huang Shulin, parallel, and supported support.

After continuous tracking and coordination, in October, Xin’an Town Government completed 13 mu of land acquisition work. On October 15th, Pingguo City Government approved a total of 23 acres of land transfer, currently undergoing procedures, Runfeng Company’s wishes Refers to the day.

The four months of long-term discussion was successfully coordinated in 1 month, and the company was appreciated. In addition, the Pinggui Team also coordinates the market supervision bureau to supervise natural gas prices to help companies save more than 10 million yuan, coordinate and accelerate approval and help enterprises to implement benefits from 10 million yuan. Adhere to the advice and advice to ensure that the staff is in place.

In response to the problem of serious damage in Pingguo Industrial Park, Pinggui Division is fully reported to Pingguo Municipal Party Committee.

On July 19 this year, Pingguo City organized the first joint meeting of Pingguo Industrial Revitalization Specialist Work, and it was decided to redevelop 7 seven articles in Pingguo Industrial Park. At present, there have been 6 start-up, and each completion of the project is 20% -60%, and one will be started in the near future.

Change the expansion of the road to the long kilometers, with a total investment of 100 million yuan.

After the completion of the project next year, there will be dozens of enterprises, tens of thousands of employees. Pingguo team has also adopted the Government of Pingguo Municipal Party Committee through the meeting, special report, etc.

Adhere to the publicity policy to ensure that it is implemented. In order to improve the targeted and coverage of policy promotion, the Pingguo team flipped the autonomous region and Baise City support industrial revitalization policy documents, and actively collected 26 compilation of the industrial revitalization documents to support the industrial revitalization. Industrial Zhenxing Specialist Work Promotional Manual "

Comprehensive implementation of tax reduction and tax reduction policy. Such as Pingguo Aluminum Alloy Precision Casting Company requires to reduce urban land use tax, Pingguo team organizes Pingguo City Taxation Bureau to enter the leadership and business personnel to the company to verify the situation, control policies, research analysis, although urban land use tax cannot reduce the collection standard However, the company’s 380,000 yuan has been returned by the company’s 2020 yuan, and the guidance company on the spot shall be returned according to the relevant provisions. The Pingguo team also conscientiously implemented the "timely and orderly redemption of financial award funds" made by Pingguo City, tightly tracking the Pingguo Finance Bureau, the bureau has allocated 9.28 million yuan awards and support funds to 45 industries. Enterprises make policy bonus truly benefits. Adhere to the rules according to law to ensure that it is interpreted. For those who have reflected in some enterprises, the Pingguo team is seriously replied because of the limited policy, or if the financial restriction cannot be resolved, the Pingguo team is seriously replied and explained. If the value of the loan collateral reflected in multiple companies is reduced, it is required to relax the threshold of the loan; some enterprises require the government to pay the fund maintenance plant, but because there is no policy basis, the Pingguo team cannot meet the enterprise according to law. Patiently explained, seriously replied, get the company’s understanding. The person in charge of the department of China Aluminum Guangxi Branch proposes to mining the compulsory mine, the Pingguo team is seriously analyzed, and it is found that the output is not proportional, the mining is meaningless, and it has also been recognized by the company. (Xu Yangtao) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Huang Yuxi) Sharing let more people see.