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Promote green transformation in economic development

Green is a key element that enhances the quality of development, which is a bright background with high quality development.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "We must accurately understand the concept of sustainable development, adhere to the people’s centers, coordinate economic growth, people’s livelihood protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, promote green transformation in economic development, and achieve greater development in green transformation. "Green transformation is a systematic change in development model. At present, my country’s main contradictions have been transformed into the contradiction between the growing needs of the people and the unbalanced development of unbalanced, and the contradictions and problems in development are reflected in the quality of development.

Promote the development of the economic and social development, it is to use green to upgrade, change the production model and consumption model of "large production, large amount of consumption, large amounts of emissions", promote quality change, efficiency change, dynamic change, make resources, production, consumption, etc. The elements match each other, provide more quality ecological products to the people, constantly meet the growing beautiful and elegant ecological environment, realizing the coordination of economic and social development and ecological environment protection, people and natural harmonious coexistence. Taking green technology as a guide.

Our province has highlighted greenization, driving reduction energy consumption in traditional advantageous industries, and improvements. In the "six major" high-energy industries such as coal and electricity, steel, colored, coking, chemical, building materials, and resolutely curb the blind development of "two high" projects, strictly implement the power consumption and double-control action plan, adhere to "small pressure, production capacity Replacement, elimination of backward, first-standing, increase energy-saving reduction technology transformation. The green production lifestyle is the main content. Energy-saving and cargo is the internal requirements of green development.

It is the top priority of green transformation, especially in the industrial sector. The green lifestyle is another important content of a comprehensive green transformation. It mainly involves green consumption, travel and residence, carrying out green life creation activities, implementing water-saving actions, implementing garbage sorting and reduction, etc., is practicing green The embodiment of lifestyle. The construction of green governance and green ecosystem is basically means. The modernization of ecological environmental governance system and governance is both an important part of the national governance system and governance ability. It is also the internal demand for modernization of the harmonious and symbiosis of the construction, and its key is to establish and improve the nature, the party committee leaders, the government leadership, The green governance system involved in corporate entities, social organizations and the public, and continuously enhances green governance. Construction of the Green Development System for Institutional Guarantee.

Economic and social development is a comprehensive green transformation requires system guarantee, its focus is to strengthen the legal and policy guarantee of green development. Improve the total amount of resources in our province, scientific configuration, comprehensive saving, and circulatory utilization system. Improve the value of the value of ecological products, implement the pollutine, the right to use the rights, water rights, and carbon emissions.

Strengthen the landplace planning and use control, and fully implement the "three-way three-line" "three lines". Exploring the GEEP accounting system, perfecting green development laws and policy guarantees.

Strengthen system supervision and whole process supervision, resolutely crack down on criminal acts in destroying the ecological environment.

Green is the symbol of life is the basis of a better life.

As long as you are constant, I will make the green transformation of the economic and social development for a long time, and the color of the three green hills of the Sanjin Dadi will be brighter, and the color of Jinshan Yinshan is more feet.

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