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Shanxi Municipality: Party History Learning Education Burning "Four Creative" new engine

The focus of focusing industry is excellent, consolidating the development of transformation. In July this year, the third "three batch" projects in Lu Liang City in 2021 "three batch" projects were held in Mingcheng County, mobilized the construction of the city’s up and down focusing projects, consolidating high quality transformation. Hard support.

Jiaocheng County adheres to innovation-driven as the main engine to build "4 + 6 + N" modern industrial system as the total goal, with the main position of Jiaocheng Economic Development Zone, planning 34 transition projects in 2021, total investment of 15.8 billion Yuan.

The Municipal County Party Committee and the county government held six in Taiyuan in Taiyuan in mid-May, 6 of the project contracts, total investment of 100 million yuan, involving 5G communications, literature, new energy, new materials, etc. A field, including 1 strategic agreement and 5 cooperation agreements. These projects have industry foundation, have a relatively advantage, have broad prospects, will sink strong kinetic energy for the development of high quality transformation.

Implementation of the environment, build a civilized county town to see the effect. Combined with party history education, Mingcheng County continues to deepen the establishment of provincial civilized counties, strong motion, pay attention to boot, through multi-matrix, multi-matrix of Mingcheng County, and strengthen civilization; strengthen rectification, optimize the environment, from the air Spider web, Optimus, to the facade of door plaque, advertising banner, traffic order, garbage debris, to the underground river ditch, pipe network, Jiaocheng County, rural, economic development zone , Road traffic, market order and other battlefields, the same direction of the battlefield, did not leave the whole domain, do not leave dead angles; demonstration leads, set the benchmark, carry out a typical selection of civilization, respectively, respectively, civilized units and civilized villages and towns of Jiaocheng County For the 42-centian-level civilized households selected by 2020, a bonus is awarded; the quality service, help development, and the various window service units in the city combine party history education, enhance the service level, and encourage party members to stand according to the position. Innovation method, improve service, truly created a uncommon atmosphere for the masses, do practical things, and polishing the civilization in "Chuangcheng".

Implement management innovation to create a green channel for economic development. Since this year, Mingcheng County has continuously deepened the results of the party history, focusing on "management innovation", measures, continuously optimizing the approval process, and vigorously promotes the "commitment system + standard land + full agent" reform, forming a standard place, One promise, the whole process, finally realize the "1 + 1 = 0" corporate investment project management mechanism of enterprises; continuously promote "loss of interest", further streamline approval materials, introduced 23 specific convenience measures, ensure " The approval model of the front desk and a window acceptance, background classification approval, unified window discharges "is efficient.

In the specific practice of optimizing the business environment, Jiaocheng Economic Development Zone is an opportunity to learn from Party history, and effectively change the style, change the "manager" as "servers", put enterprise demand as the force direction, business satisfaction as the largest Awards, deep into the first-line co-worry, sinking the body accurate service, with the "Method" of the "Jiaojia" in exchange for the development of the "multi-store", trying to develop a "store small two" in the service enterprise, and strive to build a "golden signboard" of the business environment, with high quality Service all-round promotion of high quality development in the development zone.

Enjoy the people’s livelihood and create a steady pace of happiness.

Mingcheng County will improve people’s livelihood as the ultimate goal, and continue to increase people’s livelihood investment, build Huimin practical things, speed up the people’s livelihood of Minsheng Park, Greenland, and Fitness Venues. Let the people share the reform and development dividends, and constantly enhance the sense of gain, happiness Sense and security.

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