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Take the leadership of the party throughout the process

  It’s up to The communist party to do thing well in China.

The party’s leadership is the fundamental guarantee of the work of the party and the state.

Strengthening and improving the national work, promoting the high-quality development of the national work of the new era, must follow the President President, in the Central National Work Conference, the party’s leaders run through the whole process of the national work. Party and government military and civilians, China and West Northeast, the party is to lead everything. National work can not be done well, the most fundamental one is that the party’s leadership is not strong. There is no strong and powerful political leader, a multi-ethnic country must achieve unity and unity is unimaginable.

As long as we firmly adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, there will be no political forces can provoke our national relationships, and our national unity and unity are fully guaranteed.

Improve the ability and level of solving national problems, do a good job in national work, is to strengthen and improve the party’s comprehensive leadership, this is the fundamental political guarantee of our national work in the new era of the party, and the party’s national work theory and practice Important wisdom crystallization. From the date of its party, our party will attach great importance to national issues and national work.

From the party’s "two major" declarations, respecting the autonomy of the frontier people, and announced the policies of all ethnic groups in China, and officially established the first provincial-level national autonomous region in my country in 1947, and abolished the nation after the establishment of New China The oppression system, the rise of the national regional autonomous system is a basic political system … History proves that the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the fundamental guarantee of the success of the national work, and the fundamental guarantee of all national unity.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core of the core of the core of the Chinese national community is the main line, firmly unwavering the correct path of Chinese characteristics to solve the national problems, and formed the party in practice And improving the important ideas of national work, guiding the new historic achievements in my country’s national unity and progress. After continuing to struggle through all the people of the whole party, we have achieved the first hundred years of struggle, comprehensively built a well-off society including ethnic minorities and ethnic areas, and embarking on the second hundred years of struggle New journey.

Standing in a new historical starting point, my country’s national work is facing a new situation in many new situations, and the nation has shown many new features.

From the perspective of domestic, the intersection of all ethnic groups has never been unprecedented. The national distribution pattern has changed significantly, and the factors affecting national relations are more complicated; from international perspective, there is no big change in the world, terrorism, splitism, extremism Affects global peace and development.

These are new and higher requirements for our further strengthening the party’s leadership of national work.

  Do a good job in the nation, the key is in the party, the key is people. All levels of the whole army should consciously put the ideas and the actions to the important speech of President Xi, complete and accurate and comprehensively grasp the important thinking of our party on strengthening and improving national work, enhances "four awareness", firm "four confidence", and do To "two maintenance", implement the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission, continuously improve the political judgment, political understanding, political execution, and keep in mind the "country", and courage to take a mission. To play the unique political advantages of our army, go deep into the masses, contact the masses, promote the masses, unite the masses, rely on the masses, rely on the people of the people, and the truthfulness of the national unity, the military and civilians have maintained the unity of the motherland, the national security, and social stable copper wall. To complete the military task, actively participate in and support local economic and social construction, and contribute to the construction of Jiu’an, the growth of growth. Strictly abide by the national religious policies and the discipline, respect the customs of minority, establish and maintain our military mighty teachers, and civilized teachers.