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"The Spring River Flows East" East Zhejiang Water Project Completed

West Yao River upstream row project is an important part of flood control and drainage diversion project governance and eastern Zhejiang Yaojiang River Basin, is a key project to address water scarcity and flooding Yaojiang River Basin Ningbo, Zhoushan. Diversion eastern Zhejiang Shangyu hub site person in charge Zhang Ye Dong introduction: "Yao River upstream row of West Engineering is brightly lit by controlling the gate current capacity, reducing runoff upstream Shangyu, Yuyao and Shangyu hub by the upstream flood water into Caoejiang, all the way through Caoejiang main strength into the Qiantang River.

During Buffett "" 2013 Typhoon ", Yuyao city waterlogging there was a serious, deeply affected people’s lives.

This year, under typhoon "fireworks" raging, West Yao River upstream row Yao River drainage project taken up the banner, effectively reducing the pressure Yuyao.

Shangyu hub drainage of nearly 40 million cubic meters, with Siminghu reservoirs joint operation, Yuyao reduce the water level about 30 cm, in the case of rainfall over the process, "Buffett" typhoon, Yuyao disaster loss is only "Buffett" when Typhoon one tenth.

Construction of water conservancy projects, to people living in riverside Yao brought tangible sense of security. Yuyao public He said: "13 years ‘Buffett’ Typhoon, the main city of Yuyao water everywhere, water has not been a car seat, my car was scrapped but the typhoon ‘fireworks’ more rainfall this year. but the water did not happen. West Drainage project to Yuyao people eating a ‘reassurance’. "" Chi asked what so clear "line to the reservoir Cixi Xu Zheng, amidst spread out to go see the end, shallots in River, filling the beauty of the scenery of Jiangnan. Located in the Yangtze River Delta, because no crossing rivers, abundant water reserves and no conditions, water resources per capita in Cixi City, only a quarter of the country, one-third of the province. "In 2003 in times of drought, the water in the river near the low water level, and this spring drought is more severe than in 2003, but river water, industrial and agricultural water in no way affected, it is important to give support to protect eastern Zhejiang loss of water." Hu Shou Yu, director of Cixi City Bureau of Water Resources flood and drought prevention center presentation. Since 2004, Cixi has implemented more than Yao Lianghui reservoir water, water under emergency Yao River, Shaoxing Yangpu Reservoir water diversion, water diversion and other four eastern Zhejiang overseas water diversion project, the total amount of external water resources reach one hundred million cubic meters per year, greatly eased Cixi intense water conditions. Zheng Xu reservoir as a whole accepted the diversion project, the total amount of water can flood storage of up to billion cubic meters of offshore runoff, reservoir area water supply not only industrial water, agricultural irrigation and river water environment, but also the replacement of high-quality water to achieve excellent with excellent water. Thanks to eastern Zhejiang diversion project serves as a source of lead in recent years, one after another to create a municipal Cixi beautiful lakes Fulong Lake, Shanglinhu, Lingfeng Pu, tidal pond Hengjiang other provinces, greatly increased the sense of the people and get Happiness.

"No longer worry about the lack of water," water scarcity, once Zhoushan a "heart disease." The island is located a short low mountain source, transit passengers without water, water supply thanks to rainfall, Zhoushan is a typical water resource area. Mainly engaged in aquatic products processing, Zhejiang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. General Department of Trade and management of supply and distribution director Maliang Hua said:. "In the 1990s, a summer Zhoushan will suffer water shortages in order to allow water to the people, from time to time without water , affect the company’s production and sales.

"Since 2003 Zhoushan diversion project coming on stream and play a benefit, because of water shortage situation restricts development of the company no longer appear," Now Zhoushan people no longer worry about the water.

"As an important part of eastern Zhejiang diversion project, water diversion project construction continent, effectively solve the water shortage problem in Zhoushan, water and livelihood of the people are protected, water supply capacity of enterprises is also greatly improved.