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Eva cold face,Turntable,“Come with me。”
“Your Mightiness,There will be no life。”Baker also waits hands。
Summer deeply staring at him,Follow Eva to go outside。
After the figure is completely disappeared,Baker also looks at the night cross,“Let’s go too.,Go to Hong Kong。”
Night cross four people。
“Are we not leaving here?。”
“of course not。”Baker shakes his head,Confidently laughing,“This is just misleading the illusion of killing god.,Killing God has intelligence network in Huaxia,If we leave here,Will definitely be perceived,Even stared。”
Toned,His eyes swept away,“Four people are expert experts,Tell me into another look is not a problem.?”
“That……Is it universal??”
“hehe。”Baker laughs,Toned,Little laugh again,Siki can’t say,“Hehehehe……”
the other side,Summer followed Eva still did not take a car,Hiking。
All the way,Both people have no opening。
After more than 40 minutes,Enter the city,Then arrive in Qingpu District,Finally, I came to a villa community.。
This villa community,Summer is very familiar,very familiar……Jinxiu Garden。
He and Liu Qingqing will go here almost every day.。
It seems that the surprises of the summer,Eva in front of the front opening,“You think good,They are in your home。”
Bamboo。 Voice is just,Directly13Villa。
Summer,What did you think of,Face micro change,Fast keep up。
He did not go upstairs,But go straight to the basement of the villa。
Just arrived at the basement door,Iron gate has opened a gap,Pass through gap,In the summer, I saw Liu Qingqing and Qinling.。
They have been tied to the chair with their hands.,The mouth is also sealed by a tape。
now,Liu Qingqing and Qinling are all scattered,Paled face,It’s no longer evening dress.,But the autumn jacket,It looks a bit bloated。
They also saw the summer,Almost,The two are dramatic,Hou in the mouth,Double eyes are full of fear,Tears is coming over the cheeks。
“summer!Do you know how long I have waited at this moment??”
Iwa station behind two people,Grievance,In the eyes, I amproved with an unforgettable hatred.。
“What’s the meaning?”
Summer frown,Predicable。