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For a long time,Liu Qingqing take the initiative,“You really intend to expel him?”

The charming face of Qinling has also emerged.,Whispered a sentence,“This bastard。”
Say,God becomes serious,“Even without him,In a few days, I will always let them find a chance to provoke.,Qi Tenglong Security Company inform me,Personnel are ready,Come ready to settle。”
NS022chapter plot
Summer instinct perception is very keen。
This thing is not as simple as the surface.。
Establish so-called security department,Not to supervise each other with the security company,But it is a procurcha in Qinling.。
Her ambition is very large,Want to completely change the Zhenhua Security Company,Cooperate with other security companies。
In Liu Qingqing and Qinling Eyes。
Li Jie leaders Zhenhua Security,For hundreds of flower groups,Is a super toxic tumor。
Li Yan, Li Yanwen, is not,And Li Yanwen has relying on the board of directors.,That directors often sing against them.。
So,They operate a huge interest network within the company。
The two began planning for a long time.。
Replace the security company,Remove Li Yanwen,Forced the director!
Even the company’s stealing event,They are all planned by Qinling。
Why do the two parties have contract constraints,Security company has also supported some directors,Therefore, it is very resistant to the implementation.。
Plus,The number of security guards that a large group need is impossible to,And there are the following factories,Need to be replaced。
As for external recruitment security and internal transfer……Qinling never thought。
Nowadays, security guards need to be familiar with basic legal knowledge and related policies.,Also have corresponding observations,Find,Disposal ability,What fire protection equipment,Communication equipment,Technical prevention and related equipment skills,Be familiar with,Also master certain taking skills……”
so,It took a long time ago,Qinling is waiting for a chance。
Waiting for each other’s chances。
There is no chance to create opportunities。
And the summer is not known,Several people in the third squad,Are the hearts of Qinling。
Always is one of them。
Just conflicting in his and Wanghua,Qinling will know this。
“it is good,Just do what you said。”Liu Qingqing nodded,Some worry,“Li Yanwen is not dripping everything,I will not be noticed this time.?”
“aware?”Qinling is clear,Pull out a sinister,“Even we don’t know,How did she detect?,Her secretary was humiliated by a new security guard under the invested public.,This is what she faces her face.,She can’t think of it.。”
Toned,She also,“and……Li Jie has always been 觊觎 小小,That bastard is still in Su Xiao,Li Jie’s character……hehe。”
“That born in summer?He won’t take our script。”Liu Qingqing still is still uncertain。
“Do not worry。”Qinling comfort,Just bite the tender tooth,“You also saw it,That big bastard is not a losing master.,This time I use him,Let’s take some interest。”