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Xia Jian took a breath,So he asked how he met Xiangmei in front of the Toad Palace bar,I said it all without reservation,Until I was deceived to the abandoned factory。Then he also talked about the ancient tomb,Jones opened his mouth。

A long while,Jones sighed and said:“Everything is fine with you,Impulsive。Brother Quan wants to take you out,Why do you listen to him,If you don’t go out,I forgive him for not daring to do something to you in Toad Palace。At this point, we still guarantee the safety of anyone“
Xia Jian was ashamed,This is all the trouble caused by his aggressiveness。It’s fine if you suffer,I didn’t expect to pull others in。Fortunately, the police showed up in time,Otherwise what is the result,Difficult and unpredictable。
It seems that my problem has to be corrected。Xia Jian was a little guilty and raised his glass to Jones again,Jones smiling,I didn’t say a word of complaint。
Two people drank until dawn,Even an alcoholic like Xia Jian,Also got drunk。Lu Ying sent him to the hotel。
Jones wants to take Xia Jian back to the villa,But Xia Jian quit。Although he drank too much,But he still has the bottom line in his heart。His persistence,Even Lu Ying who gave him off was amused by him。
Sleep in this sleep,I don’t know anything。Stayed up all night,He drank so much more wine these days,Don’t think about it if you lie down and sleep for less than seven or eight hours。
The phone on the bedside has been ringing since ten o’clock。Until it rang past eleven o’clock,I don’t know which nerve was stimulated,Xia Jian suddenly woke up,When he heard the phone sound,So I fumbled for the call。
Qin Xiaomin’s unceremonious voice came from the phone immediately:“What do you mean?Why don’t you answer my call?“Qin Xiaomin on the phone is furious。
I heard Qin Xiaomin’s voice,Xia Jian’s wine is half sober,He struggled and sat up,Said gently to the phone:“Sorry!I was drunk with friends last night,So I don’t even know if you call“
“ I do not care,Anyway, you agreed,I have a needle for my mom at 12 o’clock every day,It’s 11:20 now,it depends on you!“Qin Xiaomin finished,Hang up the phone angrily。
Xia Jian whispered no“not good“He turned over and got out of bed。This damn red wine,Tastes supple,Can start Weilai but not worse than liquor。Xia Jian standing on the ground,I just feel dizzy,This is how to do?
It was his mother who promised Qin Xiaomin,To give her three consecutive days of needles,Today is the next day,If he doesn’t go,Is this too dishonest?。
Qin Xiaomin’s mother’s attitude towards him,Just got better,If he can’t go because of drunkenness today,Then his credibility in Qin Xiaomin’s mother may be zero again。
Xia Jian was thinking about this,Slammed into the bathroom,It looks like it’s time to take a shower to wake up。Just do it,Xia Jian adjusted the water temperature very low,He was like taking a cold shower。