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Lu Hao’s body,Suddenly become tight,The heart is not nervous。

He Lu Haocheng is in the river of Jiangyou,But will become trembled because of this simple sentence。
A dream come true,It is also his most wolf.。
He missed,Will be a regret for his life。
“Miss Lan’s husband?Why is there only Blue Miss alone??Buying a house is big。”He clearly knows that she has no husband.,But still want to further test her。
at this point,Mu Zihao has already determined。
The smile on Blue Xin’s face suddenly stiff,The heart is not a pain,I don’t know how to answer this question.,She does not have her husband。
She is a unmarried child,In someone else,She is a woman who is abandoned by a man,With three children’s widows。
Looking at the smile of smile, the smile is gradually reduced,Lu Haocheng knows that he stamped her pain.。
Her beautiful long hair,Sputum is a waterfall,Blowing is blown by the breeze。
Brown curly hair slipped around the cheek,More than the perfect mildness of her face。
Faded in a company,Such Blue Xin,Is the perfect goddess in the hearts of men。
Blue Xin is quiet and standing,The bottom is flashing a light smoke,Subtle and complex,It is difficult to inside。
When I want to answer how to answer it?,Lu Haocheng suddenly opened:“Miss Lan felt inconvenient,No answer or!”Natural distinguished Lu Hao,Like the emperor,Refers to the breath。
Blue Xinyi,I am relieved in an instant.!
Anyone in the face of fearful people and things,Will restrainly want to lie,Lying is an escape,Self-protection,When you don’t have no way, you will ly.,But afterwards, use more lies to make up for,Lan Xin never finds trouble。
Looking at her is like the loss,Lu Haocheng suddenly felt that he was very evil,His gaze,I can’t help but look at the mole in her hand.,Optimism,Example of allergic fruit,His heart,Think about it,I am excited to add no additional。
Even the magic is general,The whole heart is attached to the Blue Xin’s body。
He doesn’t love to drink,Not near,No smoking,Live the only reason,That is to find his blue blue,And let my mother return to him,Let them live very happy,very happy,Only this dream。
So many years,He is really too much to read it.。
He misses the blue soft softness,Always follow the fart as behind him,Accompany him。
Blue Xin is strange to see him look at your own gaze,This Lu Haozheng saw her,Will always look at her with the strange eyes,Is there anything in her body?。
She is wearing a simple white dress,Match a pair of white single shoes,The whole person is simply simple.,Nothing special。
Lu Hao Cheng suddenly returned to God,Note from Blue Xin’s hands back,He hoped a three-story villa area opposite,Some dried voice,“Miss Lan thinks how the opposite villa?”
“very beautiful!”That is a small villa of Blue Xin Dreams,But she can’t afford it.。
At least 10 million,Where can she buy it??
Now she adds the money,Buy a 100 flat house,It must also be renovated into a five-bedroom room.,It is enough for them to live in a family.。
NS71chapter:How much,How much do you do

NS71chapter:How much,How much do you do
“Miss Lan feels beautiful,That’s good,Here is my land,Miss Blue is the staff of our company,If Blue Miss likes,I can give Miss Blue inner price.。”
Lu Hao Cheng wants to think,Let them settle down first,Even if it is really his son,This thing can’t let Qin Ning know。
Of course, it will become another handle in Qin Ning.。
Qin Ning is not tight to him,But his family,He can’t gall,Never allow Qin Ning to threaten him with his family.。
He already uses another identity,Registered a company,Specialized acquisition of Lu Yong Group’s shares,As long as there is no Lu Yong Group,Qin Ning is a golden rider that is broken wings.,Even the strength of struggle。
Blue,Very excited,Such a beautiful villa,Just watching,She all like it very much.,But she knows,I don’t have so much money yourself.,Even internal price,She can’t afford to buy。
He looked at Lu Haozheng,And her cool, Lu Hao, who saw in the company.,Such Luhao,Huaguang shrouded,Actually with a bit of affinity。
She laughed at him.:“Thank you,Lu is always given me the internal price,I can’t afford it.!”