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Third place,How can I become so horrible??

Tutorial,aiThe power field detector can indeed resonance with the power of the power itself.,But resonance is strong to the space storage of Lillands.,I have never seen the bundle。
even,Including it when the Qing Dynasty test this machine,Did not do this level。
“Didn’t find it?。”Meiqin heard this sentence,There is no disappointed look on your face.,“Kuroko,Bring the bee bee。”
“OK。”Negotic nose is gently,It disappeared in the original place。 Beebele?Beravulate,The fifth is also coming.?
Waiting for the urban city, this is to send super powers to participate.?!Beravulate。
No way
“Where is your next step??”Meiqin did not eat the idea of 砥 砥,It is silent.,Open mouth,“Is it an union of the Independence in Ilishalina??”
“Yes。”Beravulation,“We appear here,In fact, it is an accident.。”
“That’s going.。”Meiqin interrupts the law of the bundle,Turning the head and glanced at everyone after gathering,And the burden of being tilted by the black man,“Follow me。”
“I will take you to find him.。”Meiqin light,Her eyes seem to penetrate the thick clouds,Arrived for another world。
Gently caress the flicker of the flicker, a slightly fever, no lightning,Recall the scattered screens in your mind,Meiqin’s eyes are firmly determined。
this time,I will definitely find you back.!
NS664chapter Let me take a look
When Meiqin comes to the battlefield of Illshalina,Far in the Qing Palace who is far from hundreds of kilometers to lift the head,Brow quietly wrinkle。
Just now,His heart suddenly did not have a familiar feeling,It seems that someone who is very familiar with suddenly appeared in front of him.,But when he looks around,But did not find anything。
“What’s wrong?”Elisa lifts hands,Gently put a patrol magician,Several members of the gossip troops are skilled in the arms of the seven-handed eight feet,“What did you find anything??”
“No。”The Qing Palace shakes his head,Put the strange feeling in your heart,“Calculate location,We should now be close to the center of Irisaina.?”
“indeed。”A broodle troops took out the map in your hand,Confirmed it,“The direction we move forward has been consistent with the exaggerated attack before.。”Say‘Exaggerated attack’when,The member of the gully troops that were in a hundred wars couldn’t help but swallow a spit.。
It really is‘Exaggerated attack’what!
“People who can send this attack,Don’t want to think,Only the goal we have to find。”Qingguang Station,Gently push the brown glasses on the rigid,“How far is it??”
“In theory,There are two mountains.,And we have finished over a half.。”Elisa refers to the mountains that can be seen from the top.,“As long as you cross here”Her words have not finished,But suddenly stunned。
A gravel rolls to the foot of Elisa,When she hasn’t responded yet,The ground suddenly trembled,Then more gravel drops from the top of the head.,next moment,The ground is crazy when the ground is suddenly shaken.。
“Mountain!”Sudden,Anonymous member exclaimed,“Mountain!Hill!”
Looking up at the Qing Palace,But open your eyes!
In the top of everyone,Originally continued to climb the mountain,At this time, it is gradually cleaving a huge gap.,Lightning like the 狰狞 is slowly expanding,Along with lightning spread,Is countless huge fallen stone,At this time, as this kind of person is crazy.!
“careful!”Qinggong pupil,I put Al Lisa to my body.,Then, the falling stone that has fallen sharply dropped with the head of the head.,I plan to use my own ability to crush the fall.,But in a moment of reaching out,He stayed。