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“Mr. Jiang……”

The face of the Wolf Friends became difficult to see,Appear,Pad falling cold sweat,“Mr. Jiang,This,This is a misunderstanding,I don’t know you and……And this summer……”
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First1454Chapter The grade is too low.
First1454Chapter The grade is too low.
Even if the wolf is stupid,At this moment, I can also see it.,In front of you, this Chinese people are not average。
Otherwise,Jiang military affairs identity,How can it be this gesture?。
This is not easy to respect。
Wolf’s face is pale bloodless,That is only one of the eyes, the endless fear。 He can’t imagine,What is the identity of this Chinese?,Mr. Jiang is actually such a attitude。
But this is not the most important。
Important……He is now facing the situation。
“Mr. Jiang,Old……Mr. Xu, their family owed debts,Me,I just come to pay……But,However, this Xia Mr. Summer hit me.,Me……”
After the end,He suddenly looks to the summer,Faces respectfully,“Mr. Xia,Sorry,I am gone,I hope that your adults don’t want to know with me.。”
Ninety degrees。
This scene makes people around the watch lightly。
I didn’t see him in the summer.,It is directly looking at Jiang Military and Police.,Faint,“He is your person,You look at the process.。”
Toned,Also,“However, Mr. Jiang may wish to change the way.,If I didn’t shoot,What is the next thing of Xu Shu?。”
He pointed to Xu Meizhen next to it.,“Such a 18 -year-old girl,What will it be?。”
I heard this sentence,Jiang military political eyebrows wrinkled。
He also thought this is not a big thing.,The two sides said,A dark cloud is scattered。
But at this moment, the ice in the eyes of summer makes him truly realize.……Cool and ruthless。
Be right。
In Jiang Junzheng,This looks high and thin young youth,Is a super big crocodile!
Don’t say that he is a small dragon door.,If this is a crazy,Subverting the whole star island is not here。
“I understand,I understand……”
Think here,He rushed,Turn around,The eyes are already cold。
“Jiangyan……Mr. Jiang……”
The eyes of the Wolf Friends, the endless fear,He read another point from Jiang’s Eyes.。
“Mr. Jiang,Me,I just want to pay debts.,There is no other meaning,And so many brothers have been hurt.,Agong is killed,Mr. Jiang……”