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He smokes the handle of him.,Say that the face is regrettable:“I have born, I will raise me.,Can you discard him??”

Look at Gao Bo Yi is serious,Chen Wei really didn’t persuade again.。
This is not three, please Zhuge Liang’s play code.,Instead, Chen Wei got a great idea for Gao Baoyi.。
It is like being a strand cat on the road.,Then eat the sausages that don’t eat in your hand.。
Love,Don’t roll。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS12chapter Night is in a hurry(Down)
Night is deep,Lying on the bed and covered with Gao Bi, can’t sleep,The brain has always emited to Chen Wenmi in the future.。
“Do you want to go back to Jiangnan?,Do a big career?”
He really wants,But he can’t。Whether it is a beam of the south,Is Chen Ben’s first Chen Guo,No future。
What’s more“Northern”,Daddy is still the north Qi Gao official,In the past, it will be reused.?
Don’t think。
The plot is impossible in the movie,Never appear in reality。
Inherited the South Dynasty,No matter how,It’s all changing soup without changing the medicine.,Intricate relationship,Let this dynasty,No future。
Don’t say it now,It is the five generations of the five generations after hundreds of years.,When opportunities come,When the Central Plains is not the same,What is the Nan Tang??
The entanglement of the South Family door valve,It’s too tangled。Gao Baoyi doesn’t feel that I can do any roots without any foundation, I will take a picture there.。
Invincible Hanzi high on the battlefield,After Chen Wenmi,Also died very miserable。
For temporary stability,Abandon your future,This is different from drinking thirst.。
“really,It is very good to live.,Cheng Wang defeated this kind of thing,It’s too far from me.。”
Gao Bao is sighing,Self-deprecating mutter,Turn over and continue to sleep。
suddenly,He heard the footsteps of a hurry。People seem to have a lot!
“not good,Have an accident!”
Gao Biyi touched a short knife from the pillow,This is still used by him.!Real killer,That’s the cross bow,Has been getting away by a group。At this time, Gao Baoyi’s heart is in the end of the head.。
“who are you,Late in the middle of the night!”
I heard the uncle shouting,Gao Bo Yi quickly rushed out!
At this moment, the hall has been fired.,Black people everywhere,People who will kill people。On the weekdays, I chatted with Gao Baoyi.,Horizontal eight lying on the ground,It is blood everywhere.。
The food house in the hall has been ignited,The raging fire illuminates the uncle of honesty, the simple face。
His hands like a horse’s weapon,White long rod connects the arm long conical pointed,Four-sided opening。
The white pole toughness is excellent,Like a long snake。sweep,prick,Chop,Gun,A series of movements like a cloud-like gorgeous,It’s a glimpse of Gao Baoyi.,I have forgot to save fire.。
The uncle of this handle is like a help,Those black people have no one in the enemy.,I can’t even do it.。
No bar,This time I can’t play a fart in the next day, I am so fierce.?
Gao Baoyi heart,Gao German will hand over the hall in the suburbs of Yucheng.,I am afraid it is to see his martial arts.。
Unexpected,It is also reasonable。No wonder that the lady did not dare to kill himself,Can only use various strats to press,It turned out that this killing hooded himself.。
“What is it?,Go to save your noble.!What damage is that noble?,We must be beheaded!”
Gao Baoyi’s uncle is hard to say a few words,I am screaming at him.。
Right,Save people to save people!
The fire is not too late.,Hundreds of houses in the hall are wooden structures,Now I have already burn almost one-third more,The fire is getting bigger and bigger。