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Liu Cheng is aiming at my own son,Short tone,His honesty:“At that time, Jiaxun was indeed because of greed.,But then we found that the beads were famous.,Estimated value,We left,Xiao Zhou Master,what is going on?”

“Its original owner is looking up.,As long as you take it out, you will be fine.。”
A loud noise,Coffee table glass inch。
Not only Liu Chengfang is scared by a big jump,Zhou is also scared,He turned to see,I saw that the sequin is slowly returning the leg.。
“These humans are really greedy,I say,You and him say so much nonsense?!”
“Take it out,Mr. Liu。”
A minute later,Liu Cheng took out a cloud of Yuzhu from the safe.,Egg size,Congratulations to the hand。However, it seems that this is a very ordinary jade bead.,Estimate hundreds of dollars。
Liu Cheng is busy:“Mountain god adult,We greed for a moment,In a few days, we must bring the reunion to apologize.!”
Zhouzhi conveys the meaning of the old demon:“no need,He said that he was scared by you.,terribly sorry。” He put away beads,Say:“Add a WeChat,I will not stay.,If you don’t have a strange thing within three days,You will turn money again.。”
Liu Chenglian said。
Walk out Liujia,Zhou Zhiyou returned the bead to the old demon。
Old demon hot tears,Thank you。
Mobile phone 咚,Zhou has already received Liu Cheng’s transfer and thanks。
“Ten thousand yuan。”
“How many?”槐 序 序 不 不。
“Ten thousand。”
“Oh my God,Get on……For several years of all night!”槐 序 大,“These people can really have money,no,When I have to go shopping in the city,Look for some business!”
“This money is so easy。”
Zhou Zhiyuan sent the old demon to the station,Help him find a straight train,Solve the old man’s trek。
It is about to leave,槐 suddenly remembered:“Human family,You live so many years,I don’t know where to find Tianshi.?” “Tianshi?”
The old demon went up his eyes,He looked at the week,Seems to understand。
Reflections behind,He said:“I have seen a little teacher,But I don’t know where she lives.。If you just want to know about the things about Tianshi,Turning in Hong Kong is some records,Store for many years。Now the idea is a very good person.,Let’s borrow,He will definitely agree。”
槐 is also happy,Cant:“What is the name?,Can’t find the iron shoes,result……”
One person, a demon turning。