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“I fuck,what’s the situation?”

Wu Gui will slow down the angle of view,A clown is struggling to wave the dagger in his hand,Constantly waving on the blind shackles he manipulated。 In the picture,Blind blood volume is constantly falling。
No longer hesitate,Wu Gui directly blinds into the wilderness of the stone people.。
But the next moment,A clown box with endless resentment is now original!
Under the influence of the clown box,Blindness is directly in the effect of being frightened,Going to the wall without control。
Like I have known that blindness will flash here.,This box,Actually, I was already arranged here.!
Wu Guju is in a hurry to press the mouse and keyboard,Want to re-master the control of blind。
But the demon clown hanging on the face,But once again reveal the body。
“You have killed by an enemy hero!”
Wu Gui is looking at the tips on the screen,Have a good half,He came back to God。
“Go to his sunshine boy。”
game time15minute,The situation on the field is already on the side.。
This is the training competition of this momentum.,The head ratio of fifteen minutes。
Miye clown,Simulation of the most top assassin in the world,Place the people between the applause。
Fifteen minutes,He is like a ghost,Always appear at the most critical moment,Give the opponent’s fatal blow。
Several people in the blue side,As long as you relax a little,The devil clown will be evil and lang after them.。
Put the two faint daggers,Most cruel attitude,Insert into the enemy’s body。
“I fuck,What else is there?,My mentality is a bit unhal.。”
“My mentality also collapsed,This clown feels that this full picture is him.,I can’t see him on the map.,I don’t dare to go up and eat knife.。”
“I feel really gone.,They are not bad better than us.,I can’t see it.。”
Except for old Liu,The other three teammates can’t help but complain.,This also made Wu Gui’s face couldn’t help but red.。
no way,This is indeed that his rhythm is exploded.,Leading due to become increasingly bigger,In the last or even pulled back。
But this……Can you blame him??
Really not he can’t,It is the ugly to play too horrible.,Ghost,Proficiency is high。
As for the start of the game,Wu Kiyin’s abuse ideas,It has been completely dissipated during his second death.。
Yu stay in his heart,Only the inconsistency is everywhere and heart feeling,And he is not willing to recognize frustration。
And with the complete collapse of the situation in the situation,The devil clown of the palace cleavage begins to show his branch。
“Bros,Bros,calm down,Kill all,Push column。”
“Don’t don’t,Ziyue Tower,Steady,I have a stopwatch.,Waiting for me to enter, you follow,It’s a good time to end the game.。”
One time,Red side’s headset,There is only one shouting of the slaves who don’t work overtime.。
Other teammates,I don’t have a weird feeling in my heart.。
This buddy……It’s a reverse996Talent。
Chapter Six This is signed
The coach Wang Hai was originally staring at the palace.,Some in the eyes of the eyes。
But when he heard the complaint of the blue square,Can’t help but frown。
“Have you lost??The highland has not been able to say this.?How to win the game in this way!?”