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Knock on the door,Makes Xia Jian a little impatient“Come in“No more please。

Zhou Li walked in quickly,I glanced at Xia Jian who was a little unhappy,Said with a smile:“Who is it that upset President Xia?“
“Hey!Don’t mention it,Zhao Longlong, please have tea,You say i am going or not?“Xia Jian asked Zhou Li in a deliberative tone。
Zhou Li thinks a little:“If you think of me as your secretary,I really don’t know,If you treat me as your friend,Then I will tell you“
“Speak quickly!“Xia Jian glanced at Zhou Li with blame。
Zhou Li smiled now:“You must go,Although Zhao Longlong is said to be involved in the dark,But no evidence,The police can’t help him,And this person still has a certain influence in Bucheon,You can’t offend him,The big deal is to keep a proper distance from him“
“You really know everything“Xia Jian teased Zhou Lidao。
Zhou Li shook her head,Said helplessly:“Stayed in Yiyuan for two or three years,Many things experienced,And entertainment,This kind of information comes from a wide range of sources,Over time,Listen a lot,I also wrote it down“
“It seems that it was right to transfer you“Xia Jian stood up,Glanced at the watch,This thing,It seems to be graded,It’s really not as convenient as your own electronic watch,If it weren’t for Lao Xiao to say this thing is a status symbol,He really doesn’t want what Xiao Xiao sent,This woman changes her face faster than flips a book。
Zhou Li just remembered,Why did she come in,I just chatted with Xia Jianyi,I forgot what I had to do,She immediately said to Xia Jian:“President Xia,Secretary Wang asked me to tell you,Your car is downstairs,Go out to work in the future,Go out by special car“
Xia Jianyi listen,Coke blossoms in my heart。
Outside the glass door in the downstairs hall,Parked a black car,Such a beautiful car,Maybe it wasn’t for him!When Xia Jian hesitated,A person from the driving position,Xia Jian has a look,Opened his mouth wide in surprise。
First0054chapter Dragon Brother Douzhi
Person walking off the car,Not someone else,It was Zhang Sangui who had a fight with him in the yard,Why is this guy here?Xia Jian was puzzled,When wondering。
Zhang Sangui has come to Xia Jian’s side,Good guy,A black suit,With such a burly guy,Really like the black Jack in American movies。
“Mr. Xia!From today,I am your personal driver“Zhang Sangui smiled,Completely personal。
Xia Jianyi listen,Asked surprised:“what did you say“Isn’t this a joke?All this came too suddenly,Xia Jian’s first-year-old monk can’t reach the top。