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“Wright,Do not,Li Ming boy,Continue your journey,I believe you will one day,Also truly detached。”

“By the time,I must repay my kindness。”
With the end of the words,Behind the scenes the black hand disappeared in the void,And a true spirit follows a certain causal connection,Quickly submerged into the earth。
And on the Gobi Desert on the eastern coast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean,A yellow man who has lost his breath suddenly opened his eyes,Countless memories fell into the man’s mind。
“I。。。came back!”Haven’t waited for Wright,Do not,Li Ming is emotional and happy,The intense pain hit him。
Not a physical headache,Broke almost a third of the bones,Even a muscle break can be easily tolerated by his will。
But the most mysterious brain,Countless memories squeeze the operation of the brain,Li Ming understands that if this continues,Even if you resurrect yourself, your brain will explode。
“Damn it,Mortal bodies cannot carry too many memories!”
“It can only be this way,Fortunately, even though my body is completely devoid of power on earth,But the law can also be used!”Li Ming endured the pain,A trace of spiritual power moves Xuan’ao,The transparent silk thread that formed the three colors of yellow, green and fire fell into my mind。
quickly,A lot of memories keep being sealed,And when Li Ming left a trace of practice memory,To avoid memorizing and sealing to death,An invisible force hindered him。
And lever this energy,Li Ming, who is actually a mortal body, has consumed all his power。
Whole person,Fainted completely!
Half an hour later,A couple who came to the beach for a date saw it collapsed on the ground,Li Ming like a corpse,Screamed,And alarm。
“Gears of fate,Going to turn again!”In the primitive universe,Behind the scenes black watching this scene with interest,But suddenly showed a trace of unpleasantness。
“Yuan that old guy,You can actually see a trace of me,In the box,Can also be powerful to break this point!”